Coi Leray “COI” Album Review


Coi Leray

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 23 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2023 Uptown Records, a division of Republic Records and UMG Recordings, Inc.

Coi Leray’s debut album, was released just a year ago, but the rapper has already returned with another full-length project self-titled “COI.” While her previous album didn’t fully connect with a mainstream audience, it gained some positive feedback from critics.

“COI” has an intriguing list of contributors. The rapper collaborates with French producer David Guetta, as well as Saucy Santana and British rapper Giggs. She also collaborates with James Brown, Skillibeng, and Lola Brooke, another budding rap star.

Album Cover Art

Coi Leray &Quot;Coi&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 22, 2024

Just like with her last album cover, Coi stuns again for her latest release with a an all-blue ensemble, from her revealing outfit down to the sleek heels. Squatting for the shoot, she has a ribbon strapped to her right knee, like she is a parcel ready to be delivered.

Tracks and Features

Coi reminds everyone who they’re messing with on “Bitch Girl,” the album opener that comes under two minutes…of playtime. She switches up and does some singing following the cool bars dropped off from the start of the song. “Make My Day,” with David Guetta, has Leray laughing hard at hating-ass hoes and trolls in general. Instead of bashing them, she encourages them to keep being the best at hating, as it gives her life. Damn. And for the production, Guetta came through with a solid one, though Coi would’ve performed much better.

Yes, body positivity is wonderful, but “My Body” was not necessary, especially with how amateurish Coi delivered. A simple tweet saying, “My body, my rules,” would’ve sufficed. Further drilling things down, Coi takes a page out of Ice Spice rap book in “Get Loud.” A dance or party-themed song should inspire you to want to move your body, but this song vehemently disagrees. Man, does it get any better from here? Imitating her flow on “Blick Blick,” she is all about busting it wide open on “Phuck It.” Even those who bust it open for a living wouldn’t want to bust anything near this.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, “Spend It,” featuring Saucy Santana comes on and cringes you out. Coi tried to replicate her flow on “Players,” in the song but won’t be replicating a hit, sadly. This really should’ve stayed in the shelf. It, maybe, should only be played when Coi and Saucy link up to laugh at themselves for almost releasing a glistening flop. The beat switch at the end tried but still doesn’t salvage the mess. However, in the next song, “Don’t Chat Me Up” UK Grime rapper Giggs pulls up to give us a song worth listening to till the end. Laced with the subject of smashing, Coi comes at the beat with a different vibe, which has Giggs’ influence written all over it.

In “On My Way,” she leans on Afrobeats to rescue her and it kind of works out well. Melody and flow wise, at least. The vibe and production are real groovy. The fast-rising New York rapper and internet sensation, Lola Brooke, turns brings fire to the London On Tha Track-produced “No Angels.” Between switching from Ice Spice flows to her “Blick Blick” flow, Coi managed to hold her own by cheffing up a smooth bop of a chorus.

“Come and Go” pities us enough to close the album. Talking about loyalty and fake friends, Coi gets vulnerable over a chill, well-engineered beat, which would have hit different if she delivered flawlessly.


1 Bitch Girl Coi Leray 1:43
2 Bops Coi Leray 2:08
3 Make My Day Coi Leray & David Guetta 2:15
4 Players Coi Leray 2:18
5 My Body Coi Leray 2:00
6 Get Loud Coi Leray 1:50
7 Phuck It Coi Leray 1:58
8 Spend It (feat. Saucy Santana) Coi Leray 2:11
9 Don’t Chat Me Up Coi Leray & Giggs 2:41
10 On My Way Coi Leray 1:59
11 Run It Up Coi Leray 2:48
12 No Angels (feat. Lola Brooke) Coi Leray 2:30
13 Man’s World Coi Leray & James Brown 3:16
14 Black Rose Coi Leray 2:15
15 Radioactive (feat. Skillibeng) Coi Leray 3:21
16 Come and Go Coi Leray 2:45

Album Theme

Besides the lingering theme of sex and slick talk, the rapper gets real about the present state of things in her life.

Production Credits

Coi Leray, CuBeatz, David Guetta, Feli Ferraro, Johnny Goldstein, London on da Track, Luis Bacqué, Rockin Wit Slime, Taylor Hill, TBHits & Worldwide Fresh produced the album.

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