Busta Rhymes “BLOCKBUSTA” Album Review


Busta Rhymes

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 23 Nov, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Track(s): 19
  • ℗ 2023 Conglomerate Ent. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Busta Rhymes &Quot;Blockbusta&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

Busta Rhymes, the renowned American rapper, has released his highly anticipated eleventh studio album, ‘ Blockbusta.’ This album is a game-changer that showcases his exceptional talent and creativity. Distributed by Epic Records and launched under his own Conglomerate Entertainment label, Blockbusta sets a new mark for Busta in the music industry. Produced by Busta Rhymes himself, together with music heavyweights Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, and Pharrell Williams, this album is a good listen for all his die-hard fans and music lovers. With a star-studded cast of guest appearances, including Quavo, Bia, Young Thug, Blxst, Yung Bleu, Coi Leray, DaBaby, T-Pain, Burna Boy, Swizz Beatz, Blackway, Jnr Choi, Chris Brown, Shenseea, Giggs, Kodak Black, Morray, Cie, Trillian, Rai, and Big Tigger, Blockbusta is a testament to Busta Rhymes’ musical prowess despite the passing of time. This album marks his triumphant return after almost three years, following the release of 2020’s Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God.

Album Art

Busta Rhymes &Quot;Blockbusta&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

The album title’s billowing smoke indicates that there has been a creative explosion in the album art. Busta Rhymes knows that his projects have the potential to be that big. Busta Rhymes promotes taking chances and going against the grain through his music. He intends to ignite a fire inside his listeners with each song, leaving a lasting effect on their minds and spirits. His bold spirit and commitment to using his records to create impactful and transformative experiences are demonstrated by his artistic vision.

Tracks And Features

Busta Rhymes, a talented emcee from Brooklyn, sets the tone for his album with the powerful first track, “The Statement.” The song features a sombre beat created by Timbaland and Angel López, and Busta’s two-minute verse is a testament to his exceptional writing and delivery skills. The lyrics showcase Busta’s desire for success, and his unrelenting flow, paired with the ominous, atmospheric sound, creates a captivating opening that leaves listeners eager for more.

Particularly relegating Busta to supporting cast status rather than leading man, Quavo, Young Thug, Blxst, Giggs, and Murray all perform hook duty and offer opening verses to their featured singles, including “Could It Be You” and “Legend.” On the heavily Blxst-dominated track “Could It Be You?” OzMoses Arketex sample Miguel’s sultry “All I Want Is You.” This sample decision gives the song a seductive, nostalgic feel that enhances Blxst’s silky voice and creates a compelling mood. The production cooperation demonstrates their ability to combine various musical components to create a distinctive and unforgettable sound.

The Kodak Black-featuring “Homage” is especially egregious, as Busta praises the controversial Floridian. Despite the controversy surrounding Kodak Black, Busta Rhymes does not shy away from expressing admiration for his talent and artistry. In “Homage,” Busta showcases his appreciation for Kodak’s unique style and contributions to the music industry.

A project with this much skill will inevitably have some success, and sure enough, some aspects stand out. On the Swizz Beatz-produced “The Return of Mansa Musa,” a mid-album standout that transforms the well-known “Ma-ma se, ma-ma sa, ma-ma coo-sa” sample from Manu Dibango’s 1972 tune “Soul Makossa” into a fast-paced tribal beat, Ghanaian singer Blackway pays homage to Busta’s renowned Jamaican patois. Blackway’s use of Busta’s Jamaican patois adds a unique and captivating element to the song. The fusion of the iconic sample and Blackway’s vocals creates a dynamic and energetic track showcasing his artistic talent.

Chris Brown and Shenshee are on “Open Wide,” and their melodic collaboration adds some edge to the album’s collection. The combination of Chris Brown’s smooth vocals and Shenshee’s unique style creates a captivating blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop. Their chemistry on “Open Wide” elevates the album to new heights, leaving listeners wanting more of their dynamic musical partnership.

More rips can be heard on the previously mentioned “Luxury Life” (Jay-Z’s “Ain’t No N*gga”) and “Stand Up” (Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”), where Schife samples Bun B’s timeless “Get Thrown” on the dated-sounding “Big Everything,” and Coi Leray adds a lively touch to the otherwise lifeless “Ain’t No N*gga” rip-off” and second single, “Luxury Life.” T-pain and DaBaby are featured on the ridiculously hilarious cartoon song “Big Everything.” At the same time, Giggs achieves another life dream with the collaboration of the East Coast legend and Peckham Don on “The Hive.”

Burna Boy enhanced ‘Roboshotta’—it illustrates an artist willing to challenge himself, ready to push the envelope. ‘Burna Boy showcases his versatility and ability to experiment with different genres by infusing elements of afrobeat and dancehall into the track. This willingness to take risks sets him apart from other artists and keeps his music fresh and exciting for his listeners.

Among the album’s best are the solo tracks “Hold Up” and “Slide,” which showcase the 51-year-old’s continuing ability to electrify unconventional production. A good example is the song “Slide,” in which Busta effortlessly becomes engrossed in DJ Tedsmooth’s surprising jazz piano theme. In 2023, Busta has nothing much to prove. He hasn’t gone yet, and he still got it, as he tells listeners in the last song, “IF YOU DON’T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW PT. 2,” featuring Big Tigger. He recently went on tour with fellow New York icons Wu-Tang Clan and Nas and gave a Carnegie Hall performance. He’s been nominated for a Grammy twelve times, has several successful singles and albums under his resume, and his music videos never cease to inspire.


1 THE STATEMENT Busta Rhymes 2:34
2 REMIND ‘EM (feat. Quavo) Busta Rhymes 3:21
3 BEACH BALL (feat. BIA) Busta Rhymes 2:24
4 OK (feat. Young Thug) Busta Rhymes & Cool & Dre 4:06
5 COULD IT BE YOU (feat. Blxst & Yung Bleu) Busta Rhymes 3:06
6 LUXURY LIFE (feat. Coi Leray) Busta Rhymes 2:18
7 BIG EVERYTHING (feat. DaBaby & T-Pain) Busta Rhymes 4:01
8 ROBOSHOTTA (feat. Burna Boy) Busta Rhymes 2:05
9 TINGS Busta Rhymes 3:07
10 THE RETURN OF MANSA MUSA (feat. Swizz Beatz & Blackway) Busta Rhymes 3:25
11 STAND UP (feat. JNR CHOI) Busta Rhymes 3:46
12 OPEN WIDE (feat. Chris Brown & Shenseea) Busta Rhymes 2:47
13 HOLD UP Busta Rhymes 2:14
14 THE HIVE (feat. Giggs) Busta Rhymes 2:49
15 HOMAGE (feat. Kodak Black) Busta Rhymes 3:09
16 LEGEND (feat. Morray) Busta Rhymes 3:52
17 SLIDE Busta Rhymes 3:42
18 LEGACY (feat. Cie, Trillian & Rai) Busta Rhymes 4:12
19 IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW PT. 2 (feat. Big Tigger) Busta Rhymes 5:16

Album Summary

Let’s be clear: it’s not a masterpiece, but it is full of vibrant elements that constantly mix and mingle with dancehall, afrobeat, reggae, and, of course, trap music. Not much more is provided by “Blockbusta” in terms of exploring or advancing his rap heritage. Instead, as evidence of his ongoing relevance, Busta appears happy to pack the album with features from up-and-coming artists and relative unknowns from various genres.

Busta’s outstanding energy and presence are overshadowed by the sheer volume of featured artists and their heavy workload despite his keeping up with the trends. Except for a few instances where his signature live-wire intensity shows through, Blockbusta overachieves in its attempt to dominate the charts and win over new admirers, putting its headliner’s typically commanding presence on the back burner. It dares to offer something fresh to the narrative while preserving Busta Rhymes’ legendary status.


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