Rexxie Responds To Claims That His “Abracadabra” Remix With Wizkid Was A Flop

Rexxie responded to a post that referred to critics of the Wizkid and Abracadabra remix as a “flop.”

On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, a user of the social media platform Twitter called out people who had initially labeled the remix of the popular song Abracadabra, which features the Grammy Award-winning singer Wizkid, as a failure in a post shared by 2X Grammy Certified Producer Rexxie on his platform.

The user posted a comparison between the number of the original song and the remix, which was only made available about 6 months ago. The music video for the Abracadabra remix has currently had over six million views on YouTube, while the audio version has received over 300,000 views on the same platform.

This is a significant increase over the popularity of the original song’s music video, which is still receiving over four million views eight months after its debut.

The social media user published a post with the caption “Twitter NG swore the remix was a flop, the Standard for Wizkid is so high.”

In response to the post, Rexxie wrote, “You Dey mind them?”

Clearly, Rexxie does not seem bothered about his record being tagged unsuccessful because his bag says different. Also, for a producer, his work rate is on a different level, as he recently dropped his third studio album, “Big Time,” which also features the Abracadabra remix with Wiz.

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