Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Engagement Called Off After Three Years Of Togetherness

A Love Story's Unexpected Turn

In a surprising turn of events, Latin music sensations Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have decided to part ways. The couple, who had been together for over three years, recently announced their engagement in March through the music video for their song “Beso.” However, sources have now confirmed that the duo has mutually agreed to end their engagement.

The two artists first made their relationship public in 2021 and subsequently released a joint EP titled “RR.” This project, which consists of three songs, showcased their undeniable chemistry, both musically and personally. Rauw even incorporated a montage of their relationship during his Saturno tour, further highlighting their bond.

Their relationship seemed to be going strong, with several public appearances together. Rauw invited Rosalía to perform during his sold-out Saturno show in Puerto Rico in March. Shortly after, Rosalía reciprocated by bringing Rauw on stage during her performance at Coachella in April. During this event, she expressed her gratitude for not being alone anymore, contrasting her current state to her solo visit to Coachella four years prior.

However, the waters weren’t always calm. Last summer, speculations about a potential breakup began circulating after Rosalía released her single “DESPECHÁ,” which contained lyrics hinting at newfound freedom. Adding fuel to the fire, Rauw’s sudden hiatus from social media raised eyebrows. But the couple was quick to dispel these rumors. They were seen enjoying a night out in Puerto Rico after one of Rosalía’s MOTOMAMI shows. Rauw also clarified that his absence from social media was due to his focus on his upcoming Saturno album.

Despite their efforts to maintain a united front, the recent news of their split has left fans in shock. The reasons behind their decision remain undisclosed, but both artists have always shown immense respect and admiration for each other. As the music community processes this unexpected news, fans worldwide hope for the best for both Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro in their individual journeys.

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