Media Personality Moet Abebe Discloses Why Her Engagement Failed

Laura Monyeazo Abebe, often known as Moet Abebe, is a well-known media personality and actress who has spoken candidly about her broken engagement. Abebe stated that if her relationship with her ex-fiancé had worked out, she might already be married in a frank interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

She said that she ended the relationship because it was violent and said she didn’t want to stay in an abusive relationship since she knew she deserved better.

But a long back, Moet Abebe used her social media platform to criticize some men’s entitled mentality. Men don’t owe women sex just because they took them out on a date, Moet said in a message she shared on her Instagram account. She claims that men who believe they are entitled to sex simply because they paid for a romantic date with a woman have a twisted mentality.

She continued by saying that her anger is stirred by their sense of entitlement. Her stories make it evident that the media star hasn’t exactly had the best luck dating, but we have faith that a prince in shining armor is on the way. We can only hope that the hurt from the past won’t stand in the way.

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