Russ & Bugus Launch A New, Artist-friendly Record Label, DIEMON

Russ has been that one rapper that has been riding solo and has been doing a pretty darn good job at it. We all know, maybe not in detail, how tough it might be for an independent artist to thrive in such a cut-throat music industry.

Luckily for Russ, he has been killing it and even soaring beyond the heights attained by artists that have the backing of a record label. The rapper has put out singles and albums that have gone on to sell millions of copies worldwide. And to his live shows and concerts, you best believe they all sell out.

Now, from being independent, Russ has decided to own his masters by starting his own record label, DIEMON. For the longest time, the “Ride Slow” crooner has been vocal with advising music artists on the way to shape their careers on their own.

On Wednesday, March 30, both Rolling Stone and Variety shared reports on Russ’s new venture which he teamed up on with fellow independent artist and childhood bestie, Bugus. DIEMON, or Do It Everyday Music or Nothing, is a collective that has actually been in existence since 2010, but as it stands, the moniker is now the name of their new independent record label.

Russ took to IG to share the news with his fans and followers:

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