Johnny Drille Biography

Johnny Drille Basic Information

Stage Name: Johnny Drille
Real Name: John Ikponwosa Ighodaro
Occupation: Singer, Record Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 5 July 1990 (33) Years Old
Place of Birth: Edo State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Benin
Height: 6’2 Ft
Net Worth:

Johnny Drille Biography

Say John Ikponwosa Ighodaro and many people would be left confused about your references. But when you say Johnny Drille, they would most likely smile in the knowledge you’re referencing one of Nigeria’s alte musicians. Well, both are the same person.

Johnny Drille was born in Edo state, Nigeria, and spent much of his life there. His interest in singing flowered while he was still young and he began singing in his father’s church. but his dream was bigger than that space and he thought of advancing his career and joining Nigeria’s music aristocracy.

He started dropping music covers and networking. He nagged serious attention when he did a cover of Di’ja’s “Awww.” Impressed by his performance on that song Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy reached out to him and even followed him on Twitter.

After an extensive back and forth, he was given a space in the Mavin family, where he had his big break as a musician. Johnny Drille has remained with Mavin Records since his signing, which makes him one of the oldies in the Mavin family. Oday, who doesn’t know of Johnny Drille?

Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024

The singer is a massive believer in the power of self and has dropped some quotables to affirm the same. You can hear him out here:

“You’re capable of so much more. Surprise yourself!”


Johnny Drille is one of the few musicians who have truly close relationships with their parents. His father is a school principal and clergyman. His mother is also said to be a pastor.

Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


Johnny Drille has four siblings that he rarely speaks about in public. However, during a recent interview, he had shared some details about them, noting that they were the only friends he had growing up. In the intervening years. of course, that reality has changed.

Net Worth

How much Johnny Drille is worth is still a subject of speculation among his fans. The singer himself wouldn’t be drawn into discussions of the subject. That said. Some sources put his net worth at $350,000k.

Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


Johnny Drille has most likely had his share of women. However, you will never catch him dead going into details about it. While he isn’t known to be married, he probably has a girlfriend. And he has been efficient in hiding her away from the public.

Record Label

Johnny Drille is currently signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records. He inked that deal in 2017, years after getting to know Don Jazzy and getting praised for his work by the celebrated music producer.

Johnny Drille Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, May 22, 2024


In matters genre, Johnny Drille cannot be forced into a single basket. The singer is as versatile as they come, with works encapsulating afrobeat, soul, folk, and alternative music.


Where in Edo State is Johnny Drille from?

It is unclear where exactly in Edo state Johnny Drille comes from. He isn’t much interested in the subject himself but in making music.

When did Johnny Drille join Mavins?

Johnny Drille was a dreamer before 2015. 2015 turned out to be a critical year for him because he released a cover of Di’ja’s “Awww,” which impressed the music producer. He told Johnny he loved what he heard and that he wanted to hear more.

To show his faith in Johnny Drille’s music, he followed him on Twitter. As the musician would recount during an interview in 2018, they kept in contact but DOn Jay went silent for a long time. They got in touch again, and in 2017, Johnny Drille formally joined the Mavin family. He has been with the record label since.

How old is John Drille?

Johnny Drille is currently 32 years old. He celebrated his birthday in July.

How was Johnny Drille discovered?

There is no set way by which an artist might be discovered. Artists have been discovered in a variety of ways and will continue to be discovered thus,

How many albums does Johnny Drille have?

JOhn Drille is not the biggest when it comes to dropping albums. In fact, to date, since his signing to Mavin Records in 2017, he has released just two albums. “Before We Fall Asleep” was released in 2021 while “Home” was released a  year (2022).

What record label is Johnny Drille signed to?

Johnny Drille is part of the Mavin family – Mavin Records so to speak. He has been with the record label for several years and ranks as one of the oldest signed artists on the Don Jazzy outfit.

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