Simi Fires Back At Her Music Critics Once More

Simi is finally done playing nice.

Nigerian singer, Simi, rose to fame as one of Afrobeat’s best vocalists, winning fans over with her wholesome image and catchy tunes. In a recent development, the singer criticized fans who persistently request that she change her sound on her X (formerly Twitter) account.

After her first single of 2024, “All I Want,” was released, some fans asked her to change up the song since they thought it was repetitious and had similar cadences to her jovial singing of lighthearted lyrics. Disappointed, Simi took to X to state unequivocally that she had no plans to change her sound and that people who weren’t into her songs might want to listen to anything else.

Rejecting the notion that her songs are monotonous, Simi asserted that her last ten tracks have all been unique. Simi labeled the requests that she change up her sound as unmotivated, unsupported, and worn out. Simi also took to the platform to discuss how acclaim for her solo work is consistently given while it is often overlooked and criticized when she performs as a featured artist.

Simi concluded by reminding the audience that Adele, the Grammy-winning British singer, has been singing ballads for more than 10 years and that nobody has pushed her to change, so she too should be left alone.

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