Singer, Chidinma Ekile, Wishes She Had Made The Switch To Gospel Music Sooner

Popular singer Chidinma Ekile, who previously sang secular music but has since switched to gospel, recently spoke with Tofarati Ige of Punch Newspaper about her career, leaving secular music, and other topics. Ige wanted to know if the singer ever wished she had made the switch to evangelical music sooner.

Responding, Chidinma said, “Of course, I wish I had made the switch earlier. If I had started this earlier, only God knows where I would have been by now. But, at the end of the day, all things worked together for good and at the right time.”

Chidinma discussed the difficulties she had in transitioning from a secular performer to a Gospel musician. With over a decade of expertise in the musical field, Chidinma, in a different interview, recently discussed how she has kept her consistency and relevance, a challenge that many musicians face.

Chidinma attributed her long-term success to her dedication to evolution. She underlined the necessity of keeping loyal to oneself and accepting personal progress. Her career has been built on staying true to her original identity and being at ease with the road that God has selected for her.

Chidinma expressed her happiness with her musical journey as well as her desire to continue promoting the gospel of Jesus.

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