Skales Ushers In A New Era With ‘As I Wake Up’

A Vibrant Prelude To The Upcoming EP 'Proof of Life'

Renowned Nigerian rapper and singer, Skales, has kicked off the year with a bang, releasing his first official single of the year, “As I Wake Up”. This comes on the heels of his recent successful collaborations, including the impressive “Konibaje Remix” featuring Rotimi and the captivating tune “Come Baby Come” with African superstar Mohammed Ramadan.Skales Ushers In A New Era With 'As I Wake Up', Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

The new single, “As I Wake Up”, is a product of the combined talents of the duo Blackculture and Jaypizzle. The track beautifully exemplifies Skales’ signature style, infused with uplifting rhythms and captivating melodies. It builds upon the spirit of positivity and exuberance established in his previous single “Konibaje”.

Skales recently announced a noteworthy partnership with the international distribution company, OneRPM. This collaboration marks a significant move in his career, opening doors to increased exposure and providing access to a global audience.

In “As I Wake Up”, Skales displays unwavering enthusiasm and creativity. The song is poised to become an infectious and vibrant anthem, resonating with fans and music lovers alike. But Skales’ plans do not end with this highly anticipated single. He is currently preparing for the release of his upcoming EP titled “Proof of Life”, scheduled to drop in August.

The forthcoming extended play signifies a new chapter in Skales’ artistic journey, reflecting his personal growth, maturity, and refined musical direction. Skales’ undeniable talent and ability to craft soulful melodies, coupled with his compelling lyrics, have solidified his status as one of Nigeria’s most amazing musical talents.

In related news, Skales has been making headlines in the music industry. He recently spoke with Chude, recounting difficult times and how Olamide “came through” for him. He also welcomed his first child with his wife, Hassanity, marking a new chapter in his personal life.

As Skales prepares to unleash his latest musical creations, fans can enjoy his latest drop “As I Wake Up” and eagerly await the arrival of his upcoming EP “Proof of Life”.

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