Skales Raises Alarming Concern Over Harassment By EFCC Officials

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) personnel have again harassed another Nigerian artist; this time, Skales. In the early hours of October 10, Skales, a popular musician from Nigeria, posted on his social media account X that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria had allegedly burst into his house with weapons to do an alleged “routine check.” According to Skales, EFCC agents reportedly received wrong information that he was involved in fraudulent operations. Skales stated,

“They said they got intel that I’m into fraud lol. They said its a routine check. They found nothing”.

According to Skales, the assault happened in front of his six-month-old daughter and her mother. He strongly declared, in response to the accusations made against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission:

“I am not a criminal, I have never don fraud in my life, you came in with guns to oppress me in front of my daughter and her mother”.

The well-known Nigerian musician continued by expressing his concern for his own life, his wellbeing, and the security of his family. He claimed that the EFCC was a criminal organization and that he should be compensated for his property damage. The EFCC hasn’t issued a statement as of the release of this development.

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