Snoop Dogg Learns French In New Teaser Ahead Of Paris Olympics

Snoop Dogg is an iconic rap artist who has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, and he was announced earlier this year to be part of the upcoming Paris Olympics media team for NBC. Therefore, it was no surprise that he was featured in a promotional video for the upcoming Olympics in Paris, which he shared on his Instagram account, tagging NBC, which will broadcast the competition, and their streaming service Peacock. With the Olympics just a few months away, Snoop is determined to improve his French, and he’s got the perfect teacher in his granddaughter, Cordoba.

The video “French Lessons With Cordoba” is an adorable example of a grandfather and granddaughter bonding over essential French words and phrases. The pink decor and miniature tea party equipment add to the charm, making it a delightful watch for anyone. Snoop’s excitement about his upcoming trip to Paris is palpable, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

On a more serious note, the recent Kendrick Lamar diss track leaked by Drake, “Taylor Made,” has sparked controversy due to its use of AI-generated vocals, especially those of Snoop and Tupac. Understandably, fans and artists would question the ethics of using the artificially augmented voices of “real rappers,” who are iconic to the genre. Fans continue to debate how “proper” it seems—or not.

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