Stanley Okorie Speaks On His Music Career In Nollywood; Says “I Recorded Over 10,000 Songs”

In a recent interview on the Osikoya Speaks podcast with host Wonu Osikoya, the esteemed Nollywood soundtrack composer and singer Stanley Okorie shared an impressive fact about his prolific career. According to Okorie, he has composed over 10,000 songs throughout his years in the industry. This incredible feat is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft, and it is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for aspiring artists in the Nigerian music scene.

The singer of “Billionaire (onye ji Cash)” said that he was responsible for all of Nollywood’s musical compositions for about four years. However, he felt this was at the expense of ignoring his family because he was pressured to meet deadlines.

Okorie said,

“For like four years, I was making all the music in Nollywood. I have made over 10,000 songs. “It’s a lot. And believe me; it comes at the cost of the negligence of some things. You don’t have time for a number of things because you are so focused on your art. You can’t go to birthdays because you have deadlines. You can’t do wedding anniversaries; that one was always pissing my wife off.”

The seasoned performer acknowledged that while he is open to the idea of his songs being remade, it is unlikely that he would perform the version himself. However, he claimed that the fact that people still sing and dance to songs he wrote years ago proves that “art is immortal.”

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