Cam’ron Reveals That He & Mase “Still Have Music In The Vault”

Cam’ron and Mase are a legendary hip-hop duo who first met as kids and formed a hip-hop group in the early 90s. Despite their early success, they grew apart, leading to a bitter feud. Cam’ron accused Mase of being a “fraud,” which caused a rift that lasted for years. However, things have since taken a turn for the better, and the two of them have reconciled. They’ve taken their friendship to a new level by starting a sports podcast called “It Is What It Is,” which has gained significant popularity. They’ve even landed a major deal with Underdog Fantasy, a testament to their success in the sports commentary world.

While their podcast has been a massive hit, fans are still eager to hear new music from the dynamic duo. In an interview, Cam’ron recently opened up about their musical plans, revealing that they “already have a few songs together.” However, Mase has yet to release them, leaving fans anxiously awaiting new music. Cam’ron also hinted at the possibility of taking their show on the road, which would undoubtedly be a dream come true for many of their fans. Despite their ups and downs over the years, Cam’ron and Mase have proven their staying power as individuals. They continue to make waves in the entertainment industry, and their fans eagerly await their next move—new music, a live tour, or something else.

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