Todd Chrisley Is Worried About Potential Prison Transfer After Calling Current Station Out

The media has learned that although Todd Chrisley is upset with his living circumstances in jail, he is nonetheless extremely concerned about a possible transfer to another facility. According to media house TMZ, the reality star’s lawyer, Jay Surgent, says his client doesn’t want to transfer prisons because he fears that administrators and guards at the new institution will retaliate against him for criticizing the living conditions at his present station, FPC Pensacola. Todd believes that other prison authorities will target him because of his well-documented criticism of the FPCP and doesn’t want the move, so he is keeping an eye on things. Todd and his wife, Julie, is facing a 12-year term on numerous fraud counts.

Jay claims that Todd, who had been critical of Pensacola for a number of reasons, including horrible meals, potential mold growth, and leaky plumbing, had heard via a rumor that he would be leaving. At this point, it’s all speculation; no official notification of transfer or anything of the sort has been announced. However, he believes that if Todd is expelled from Florida, he will very certainly remain in the federal system rather than a state prison, echoing the words of his daughter Savannah.

Todd Chrisley Is Worried About Potential Prison Transfer After Calling Current Station Out, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Todd also wants to stay in Pensacola because of his family; Savannah regularly visits him and her mother, Julie, who is imprisoned in Kentucky. Todd fears that if they relocate him too far away, Savannah won’t be able to visit him as easily. It’s also a good thing that Jay informed the media a few months ago that Todd feels “God sent him to prison” so he may help other inmates, as Chrisley has turned into some kind of mentor to Pensacola’s other inmates. For the time being, Todd is choosing the devil he knows over the one he doesn’t, but he will sadly not be able to make the final decision.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons, for its part, issued a statement explaining that while it does not comment on specific prison transfers, it reassigns inmates for a number of reasons, such as security concerns or medical needs. As it stands, Todd will have to sit tight and wait on the outcome.

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