Transgender Model, Shauna Brooks, Exposes Relationship With Benzino, Says She Can’t Keep It A Secret Anymore

Transgender model and actress, Shauna Brooks wants to climb to the roof and scream out to the hearing of everyone that Benzino is her love.

Born on March 30, 1990, Shauna Brooks is an actress, musical artist, and comedian. She is popular for being a transgender model and for her appearances in Radar, Ebony, People, Galore, and a host of others.

Additionally, she is an advocate for LGBTQ rights who has publicly spoken about her work as a transgender model. She has also openly discussed her transitioning experience and journey, inspiring her to be the LGBT activist that she is today. The 32-year-old has modeled for Steve Boi’s M3TAL collection during New York’s 2019 Fashion Week.

Recently she gained some major traction after 50 Cent posted several clips featuring Benzino’s phone conversation with her. But before now, Brooks had put Benzino on blast, sharing recordings on socials, particularly highlighting her relationship with the rapper.

Brooks insists that she is in no way attempting to “out” the rapper and/or his romantic preferences, instead she is choosing to put her relationship in the forefront. She is no longer interested in hiding their love and keeping it hush. Benzino, on the other hand, resisted her wishes in fear that everyone would “look at him crazy”.

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