Chris Brown’s “Sensational,” Featuring Davido And Lojay, Achieves Platinum Status In South Africa

Once again, Afrobeats icon, Davido, is in the news—this time for a ground-breaking accomplishment related to his global collaborative project, “Sensational.”

The song, which features rising Afrobeats artist Lojay and American R&B legend Chris Brown, has become a chart-topping hit and has now achieved a new height in its triumph with a renowned platinum certification in South Africa. The Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) has recognized Sensational, indicating the song’s enormous popularity and commercial supremacy in the area.

This platinum award has much more meaning for Davido. This is the first time one of his international projects has achieved this much wanted success in South Africa. He has continuously produced outstanding music throughout his distinguished career, thus this accomplishment represents a turning point in his development.

More than just a personal triumph for the participating musicians, this platinum certification in South Africa is a potent illustration of the magic that happens when gifted people collaborate to make music. It emphasizes how cooperation may cross cultural barriers and create classic works that appeal to a wide range of global audiences.

The success of “Sensational” goes beyond South Africa, selling over 100,000 copies in the US and receiving an incredible 21 million plays on Spotify. Not content to stop there, the song debuted at a whopping #96 on the coveted Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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