“Trust And Worry,” May Yul-Edochie Says In Emotional Post, Returns To The UK

May Yul-Edochie, Yul Edochie’s first wife, continues to command the attention of Netizens with each move she makes, and the most recent update on her social media page has sparked debate. May Yul-Edochie had posted cryptically on her Facebook a few days prior about wanting to “return.”

May had fallen out with her husband after his involvement with Judy Austin and his supposed marriage to Her, and thus, many were excited by the Post and the “return.”

But May wasn’t referring to her marriage. However, the businesswoman’s most recent remark clarified what she meant when she said she wished she could return. May’s latest Post indicates that she has returned to the UK because she was spotted shopping and having fun on a London street.

May had stated her disinterest in a polygamous marriage months earlier. However, the businesswoman recently posted a message on Instagram, and it immediately garnered a lot of attention online.

Following a previous post about wishing to return to London, the brand influencer appears to have fulfilled that goal as she recently updated her Instagram page.
The stunning mother of four, who is presently living in the UK, posted a mysterious message on her page in which she discusses the importance of having faith in God and confidence in oneself. She also said, ” You can’t combine Trust with Worry” in the cryptic Post.

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