V From BTS Releases His Mellow Solo Track, “Love Me Again”

V of BTS has released ‘Love Me Again,’ the first single from his upcoming solo EP ‘Layover.’ The song is one of two that will be released ahead of the whole album, the other being ‘Rainy Days’ on Friday (August 11). In the accompanying music video, he plays the song in a vast room, surrounded by TVs that display the lyrics.

Following the release of ‘Rainy Days’ on Friday, the full version of ‘Layover’ will be released on September 9. A music video for the track ‘Slow Dancing’ will be released on the same day. Rainy Days will “tug at the listeners’ heartstrings,” according to official descriptions of the song, while “Slow Dancing” is described as “a ’70s romantic soul-style track that radiates a laid-back and free-spirited feeling.”

A piano version of “Slow Dancing,” “For Us,” a pop R&B song, and “Blue,” a “homage to old school R&B with a modern twist,” are also included on the EP. On “Layover,” V collaborated with Min Hee-jin, the CEO of NewJeans’ label ADOR. Min was in charge of the project’s music, choreography, and marketing strategy.

At SM Entertainment, where she worked on bands including Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet, Min formerly held the position of creative director in addition to being responsible for NewJeans’ great launch.

Listen to the new single below:

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