Mr. Eazi Releases New Single, “Advice,” Off His Forthcoming Decade-In-The-Making Solo Debut Album

Mr. Eazi, a celebrated Nigerian singer, has released new music that not only serves as a melodic joy but also has the long anticipated title for his debut solo album, a project that has taken a decade to complete. The track, titled “Advice,” is the third single from his upcoming album, which has been renamed “The Evil Genius” and is set to be released on October 27, 2023.

“Advice” comes to life thanks to Ghana’s own M.O.G. Beatz, whose musical prowess gives depth and realism to the song. Mr. Eazi’s inclination to dive into the darker, more introspective areas of his life and experiences is exemplified by this work. Mr. Eazi found himself coping with the breakdown of some of his longest-standing relationships during a particularly turbulent moment, a result of his enormous achievement.

As Mr. Eazi honestly says, the trajectory of an artist’s career often begins with admiration and steadfast support, followed by a difficult transition in which those close to you may want to undermine your ascension. This period, marked by treachery and suffering, is described by him as “the hardest stage” of an artist’s journey.

“Advice” is lyrically dense and full of references to African martyrs, including Ken Saro-Wiwa, a well-known Nigerian writer and activist whose unjust execution in 1995 sparked widespread domestic and international condemnation, and Joseph Kabila, the former president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Listen to Mr. Eazi’s “Advise” below:

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