Vivica A. Fox, 50 Cent’s Ex, Reacts To Claims That He Underwent Penis Enhancement

Vivica A. Fox addressed the accusations that her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent underwent penile augmentation surgery during an interview with Claudia Jordan on Cocktails with Queens. When the matter came up, Fox didn’t think twice to accuse the plastic surgeon who made the claim—Angela Kogan—of spreading false information and instigating Fif to launch a lawsuit.

“Angela, you lying,” said Fox with a smile. “That’s all I’m going to say. if that’s one thing I know that’s true, he didn’t have to get no enhancement. He’s good!” She continued by saying that she and 50 are rarely in agreement, but not this time. “Listen, the one time, I’m with him on that one. I’m with him when he’s right on that one. No. It’s all good.”

In 2003, Fox dated 50 Cent, and the 58-year-old feels very certain that Fif, 47, didn’t require any assistance with his underwear. The allegations are related to Kogan and her business, Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa. 50 Cent claimed in his complaint that she had exploited a picture of them together to advertise her company.

He claimed that Kogan utilized the image without his or her specific permission and that he had only taken the picture because he thought she was a fan. Fif insists that he underwent neither such a procedure nor any type of surgery at Kogan’s facility.

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