Amy Winehouse’s New Biopic Film ‘Back to Black’ Sees Reactions From Ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil, the ex-husband of the late singer Amy Winehouse, recently gave his opinion on the new biopic Back to Black. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film was released in cinemas on April 12. It chronicles Winehouse’s life, from her early years in London to her tumultuous rise to fame and tragic death. Marisa Abela plays the role of Winehouse, while Jack O’Connell portrays Fielder-Civil, and Eddie Marsan plays the role of the singer’s father, Mitch.

In an interview on yesterday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, Fielder-Civil shared that he found the film “almost therapeutic.” He explained that the movie depicted him in a more accurate light, which he appreciated. He also noted that some aspects of the film portrayed his relationship with Winehouse in a challenging way, but he understood the importance of sharing the truth. Fielder-Civil further commented that seeing “himself on screen” was a surreal experience but that he was impressed with O’Connell’s’ portrayal of him. He also praised the movie’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, for her approach to the film and her attention to detail. Fielder-Civil’s comments shed light on the emotional impact that the biopic has had on those who were close to Winehouse.

“Not in a sense of being let off the hook or whitewashed, as [has] been alluded to… just in a sense of it wasn’t all about addiction,”

“As much as that might have been the salacious headlines, and the paparazzi’s goal, there was addiction, but it was only an aspect. The relationship started like every relationship does.”

During the discussion, Garraway highlighted that the director, Taylor-Johnson, had previously mentioned her desire to shine a light on what drew the two main characters together. She wanted to avoid focusing solely on their battles with addiction. Despite this intention, the film has faced criticism for portraying Fielder-Civil as a “Disney prince,” which some have argued oversimplifies his character. Additionally, Garraway noted that O’Connell, who played Fielder-Civil in the film, had approached him before production began as a sign of respect.

“The problem is, the story that had been perpetrated, or the narrative, is something I learned quite quickly [the film’s cast and crew] weren’t interested in repeating,”

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil’s love story began in 2005. They met and started dating, eventually getting married two years later. However, their relationship was plagued by struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. In 2007, they decided to end their marriage. Despite their split, Winehouse and Fielder-Civil continued to see each other on and off. Sadly, in 2011, Winehouse passed away at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning. Her death left a tremendous impact on those close to her, including Fielder-Civil.

Recently, Fielder-Civil appeared on a show to discuss the burden of her death. This appearance followed his previous appearance on the show last year when he spoke about what would have been the singer’s 40th birthday. Fielder-Civil’s comments were a poignant reminder of the tragic loss of a talented artist who touched the hearts of many.

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