Aliko Dangote

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Aliko Dangote Basic Information

Stage Name: Aliko Dangote
Real Name: Aliko Dangote
Occupation: Industrialist
Date Of Birth/Age: 10 April 1957 (66) Years Old
Place of Birth: Kano, British Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Divorced
  • Government College, Birnin Kudu
  • Al-Azhar University
Height: 1.67 m
Net Worth: $18.7B

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian businessman and billionaire who is the founder and chairman of Dangote Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Africa. The Dangote Group has interests in a variety of industries, including cement, sugar, flour, and salt.

Aliko Dangote Biography

Born in Nigeria on April 10, 1957, Aliko Dangote GCON is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Dangote Group, the continent’s largest industrial conglomerate. As of January 2023, Dangote’s net worth was assessed at $18.7 billion by Bloomberg Billionaires Index, making him the wealthiest black person in the world and the richest person in Africa. Dangote was born into a prosperous Hausa Muslim family in Kano, Kano State. Mariya Sanusi Dantata, the mother of businessman Dangote, was his eldest child.

Sanusi Dantata’s business partner was Aliko Dangote’s father, Mohammed Dangote. Dangote is the great-grandson of Alhassan Dantata, the wealthiest man in West Africa at the time of his death in 1955, through his mother. Dangote attended the Capital High School in Kano after finishing his education at the Sheikh Ali Kumasi Madrasa. He received his diploma from Birnin Kudu Government College in 1978. He graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree in business studies and administration.

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Net Worth

Aliko Dangote is the 78th wealthiest person in the world and the richest person in Africa, according to Forbes, with an estimated net worth of $18.7 billion. Cement and sugar, which are used to make food and construction materials, are his primary sources of income. Dangote Pasta, Sugar, Flour, Salt, and Cement are among the goods produced by his company.


He keeps his family close at his enormous residence in Banana Island, Ikoyi. The property contains a main house, several guest houses, and perhaps all the amenities a man like Aliko Dangote would need in his home.

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For a man with Aliko Dangote’s wealth, one would anticipate nothing less than pricey exotic vehicles. He possesses a Maybach 57S Knight Luxury valued at 364 million Naira, a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG worth 73 million Naira, a Bugatti Veyron reportedly costing 728 million Naira in his collection, and the Bentley Mulsanne that goes for 112 million Naira.



There are four kids in Alhaji Aliko’s family. Three daughters and a boy make up his family. Halima, Mariya, and Fatima Dangote are the three girls he is biologically related to through his two wives. In addition, Abdulrahman Fasasi Dangote, his adopted son, is now a member of the Dangote family.

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The richest man in Africa typically keeps his personal life out of the public eye, but it has been reported that Dangote has been married twice and divorced twice. His parents selected his first wife when he was just 20 years old. Later, he fell in love with Nafisat Yar’auda, the daughter of the late president of Nigeria, Umaru Musa Yar’auda, but she declined his marriage proposal. Later, it was alleged that he wed Sylvia Nduka, the 2013 former Beauty Queen of Nigeria, in secret.


Alhaji Sani Dangote was a businessman from Nigeria who lived from 1959 to 2021. He served as vice president of the family-run Dangote Group and was the younger brother of Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa. He passed away from colon cancer in the United States on November 14, 2021. Dangote traveled to the United States for colon cancer treatment before he passed away. At the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida, he passed away from the illness on November 14, 2021, when he was 61.

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Dangote Group 

Aliko Dangote, Yours Truly, People, February 23, 2024

Aliko Dangote formed the international industrial company known as The Dangote Group. It is one of the biggest conglomerates on the African continent and the biggest in West Africa. More than 30,000 employees now work for the company, with a revenue of more than $4.1 billion in 2017. The business was established in 1981 as a trading corporation that imported products like sugar, cement, rice, fish, and other consumer goods for sale in Nigeria. In the 1990s, the group entered the industrial sector, beginning with textiles before moving on to milling flour, processing salt, and refining sugar by the decade’s end. The Dangote Group’s main office is in Lagos.

Dangote Cement 

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Lagos is home to the publicly traded international cement company Dangote Cement Plc. Cement and related products are manufactured, prepared, imported, packaged, and distributed by the company in Nigeria. It also operates plants or import terminals in nine other African nations. Obajana Cement Plc was its previous name; in July 2010, it changed to Dangote Cement Plc. In 1992, Obajana Cement Plc was established. The largest firm trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is Dangote Cement Plc, a unit of the Dangote Group.

Dangote Refinery 

Before the end of the first quarter of 2023, the Dangote Refinery, an oil refinery owned by Aliko Dangote, will be officially opened in Lekki, Nigeria. The largest single-train refinery in the world, it will be capable of processing around 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day when it is fully operational. More than 25 billion US dollars have been invested. Early designs for the refinery were released by Nigerian tycoon Aliko Dangote in September 2013, when he declared that he had obtained financing for the project for roughly $3.3 billion. The refinery’s anticipated cost was $9 billion, of which the Dangote Group would invest $3 billion and obtain the remaining $5 billion in commercial loans.


Alhaji Aliko Dangote is from the Hausa tribe. In West and Central Africa, the Hausa are a native ethnic group. They converse in the Hausa language, one of the Afro-Asiatic languages and the second most widely spoken after Arabic. Around 53 million Hausa people, with sizable indigenous populations, live primarily in the Sahelian and sparse savanna regions of southern Niger and northern Nigeria. They are diverse but culturally homogeneous people.

What number is Aliko Dangote in the world richest 2023?

Aliko Dangote began 2023 as the world’s 78th richest man, although his fortune was reduced by $400M from 2022.

How did Aliko Dangote become rich?

Dangote’s fortune is primarily built from his company, Dangote Cement, although he started his business empire by selling commodities such as sugar, salt, and flour.

Is Aliko Dangote richer than Ronaldo?

Dangote is the richer one. He could blow Ronaldo’s entire net worth in a night in Vegas and STILL be richer than Ronaldo.

How much is Aliko Dangote's net worth in 2023?

As of Sunday, January 8, 2023, Dangote is worth $18.7 billion.

What is Aliko Dangote's salary?

Aliko Dangote earns an estimated salary of $1 Billion per year.

What is Aliko Dangote known for?

He is a business magnate who is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Dangote Group, the largest industrial conglomerate in West Africa.

How did Aliko Dangote start his business?

After completing his higher studies, the business magnate founded a small trading company called Dangote Group. The same year, he relocated to Lagos to expand the company. He convinced his uncle to lend him money to operate the business.

When did Aliko Dangote start a business?

The Dangote Group was established as a small trading firm in 1977 when Dangote relocated to Lagos to expand the company.

Did Aliko Dangote buy Arsenal?

He once reaffirmed his interest in buying Arsenal. However, it appears Dangote missed his chance to buy the club.

Can Aliko Dangote buy Chelsea?

Yes, he can afford to buy the football club.

How can I contact Aliko Dangote?

Many phone numbers are leaked on the internet in the name of Aliko Dangote, but none work. To reach the magnate, you want to try getting his attention via his official social media pages.

How can I email Aliko Dangote?

Aliko Dangote’s email, as you would already imagine, is not available to the larger public.

Is Aliko Dangote a billionaire?

In every possible currency, yes.

Is Aliko Dangote a graduate?

At age 21, Dangote graduated from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, considered one of Islam’s most prestigious universities.

Is Aliko Dangote educated?

Yes, the man is well-read. He graduated in 1978 from the Government College, Birnin Kudu. He graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

Does Aliko Dangote have a son?

Yes, aside from his three daughters, Dangote also has a son. According to reports, the said son is an adopted child.

Where does Aliko Dangote live?

He has a mega-mansion in Banana Island, Ikoyi, where he spends quality time with his family.

What business does Aliko Dangote do?

Dangote founded and chairs Dangote Cement, the continent’s largest cement producer.

Does Aliko Dangote have a wife?

He has been married and divorced twice. It’s not known if he currently has a wife.

Does Aliko Dangote have a private jet?

Dangote has two private jets.

Does Aliko Dangote have siblings?

He does, but unfortunately, Sani Dangote died on November 14, 2021, from colon cancer.

How many wives does Aliko Dangote have?

Presently, zero.

How many children does Aliko Dangote have?

He has three daughters – Mariya, Halima, Fatimah, and one son, reportedly adopted.

Aliko Dangote earns around ₦602,740 every hour, translating to nearly ₦14.5 million per day.

How many companies does Aliko Dangote have?

The Dangote group now owns and operates over 18 subsidiaries, operating in ten African countries.

How many cars does Aliko Dangote have?

From what is published online, he owns four exotic cars.

“orn i” 1967, Alhaji Aliko is 65 years old.

Aliko Dangote’s mansion is worth about 5 billion Naira and is among the most expensive houses owned by a businessman in Nigeria.

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