Charly Boy Requests The Resignation Of President Tinubu And Queries His Whereabouts

The controversial entertainer, Charles Oputa, better known by his stage name Charly Boy, has sparked questions regarding President Bola Tinubu’s whereabouts because the Nigerian leader has not returned to his home nation following the World Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, Tinubu visited London on an impromptu basis. This new information exacerbates the mounting concern over the President’s recent absences. Following his departure from Riyadh, President Tinubu has not been seen in public. He had been attending overseas engagements since April 23, beginning with a visit to the Netherlands.

A swarm of rumors and responses have been generated by his silence and the President’s trip.  Charly Boy berated the administration for not being open and honest with the Nigerian people in a post on his official X account, raising concerns about the president’s health.

Charly Boy expressed his unhappiness with the present administration’s focus on propaganda instead of actual economic policy, accusing it of misleading the public with “fake and twisted lies.”

“Nigeria has failed. Tinubu pls resign, this work pass you,” he declared, demanding President Tinubu’s resignation.

In addition, the artist pointed out what he saw as a strategy used by the ruling party to weaken opposition leaders by dividing people along racial and religious lines, instead of attributing the continuous economic problems on political rivals like Peter Obi.

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