Daniel Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo Basic Information

Stage Name: Daniel Ricciardo
Real Name: Daniel Joseph Ricciardo
Occupation: Professional Racing Driver
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian-Italian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Newman College
Height: 1.79 m
Net Worth: $96 million

Daniel Ricciardo Biography

Keeping it in the family. That phrase best describes the life of the Australian-Italian racer Daniel Ricciardo. Je was born to a racer father and decided to leap into the world of racing as well.

He started with karting, which has been described as a less glamorous road racing variant of motorsport. Anyway, he stuck it out long enough and was committed to the sport long enough to make a sterling impression and ultimately join the prestigious Formula One.

In the intervening years, he had emerged as one of the top racers with a couple of Grand Prix wins to his name.


Daniel Ricciardo’s family comprises himself, his sister Michelle and their parents. Continue reading to find out more details about them.


Grace and Joe Ricciardo are the parents of the Formula One Driver. Not only do the two have a close relationship with their son, but they are also known to be his motivators as well. More details about them are given below.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024


Daniel Ricciardo’s father is a man known as Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo. He was a racer in his younger days and raced at Western Australia’s Barbagallo Raceway. So it is not surprising that his song should take after him in his love for racing and speed. Joe lives in Australia, where he runs a business with his wife, Grace.


Daniel Ricciardo’s mother is no other than Grace Ricciardo. Her parents were from Casignana, but she was born in Australia, the same country where she would give birth to her two children.


Daniel Ricciardo’s parents gave birth to just two kids – the Formula 1 driver and his sister Michelle. Neither of them has another sibling besides the other. Not surprisingly Daniel and his sister are said to have a close relationship.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024



The F1 driver does not have a brother. It would have been a beautiful addition if he had, but he doesn’t.


Daniel Ricciardo has a sister known as Michelle Ricciardo. She is his only known sibling. Both of them were born and raised in Perth, Australia.


Daniel loves life and lives large. His homes are spread across continents, and he lives in each as he pleases. However, his favourite place is said to be his Los Angeles mansion – a place he goes to relax whenever he’s not chasing the demons of speed on the Grand Prix. Also, his garage gleams with some of the most desirable cars put there.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024


There is a lady in Daniel Ricciardo’s life at this point. While he is not officially married, he is known to be in a relationship with Heidi Berger. By his own admission, he is deeply in love with her. That he might have proved in part by them holding hands during a trip to Venice recently.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024

Net Worth

Daniel is a top earner in Formula One but rarely dwells on discussions about his net worth. Anyway, the public has been doing the talking.


Of great interest to the public are the cars F1 drivers drive, away from the Grand Prix. As should be expected, most of them drive expensive cars – usually close to the tradition of the vehicles in their racing odyssey.

Daniel Ricciardo’s car collection is pretty impressive, including a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a, Porsche 918 Spyder, a Toyota Hilux, a Ford F-150 Raptor, an Aston Martin Vantage, an Aston Martin Valkyrie and a McLaren 675LT.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024


Daniel has at least three known homes spread across the world, with his Los Angele mansion being the moat in the news. The 5-bedroom property with floor-to-ceiling windows was bought in 2018 and set the racer back by almost $19 million.

The F1 driver is also known to have a home in Monaco. This would not surprise anyone conversant with FI rivers. Most have homes in Monte Carlo. So Daniel having a home in the same place sounds like de rigueur. He has another home in Perth, Australia.


Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Of course, everyone wants to win, but not everyone ends up winning. Also, sometimes winners might lose along the way and probably win again and lose as well. Daniel has got pretty impressive records in Formula One, totalling 8 Grand Prix victories and 32 podiums.

However, his best race ever is said to be the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, where he was fastest in FP1, FP2, and FP3.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024


Motorsports racing drivers earn pretty high. Daniel Ricciardo is no different. Records show that he is one of the top earners out there. Multiple reports point to the Australian earning about 15 million annually as a motorsport driver. That amounts to over $1 million a month.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024


For some celebrities. winning goes beyond being successful in their chosen fields. It also involves creating merchandise for their teeming fans to propagate their image and brand. Daniel Ricciardo is one celeb toeing the merch path. the celebrated racer had got merch for both the blokes and the ladies. Meet Enchante.

Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024Daniel Ricciardo, Yours Truly, People, April 21, 2024

He has an online store linked to his official website where he sells bucket hats, tops, cardigans, and other clothing for men and women.

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