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Toyin Abraham: Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth, House, Cars & Movies

Toyin Abraham Basic Information

Stage Name: Toyin Abraham
Real Name: Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi (Born Oluwatoyin Aimakhu)
Occupation: Actress, Filmmaker
Date Of Birth/Age: September 5, 1980 (43) Years Old
Place of Birth: Auchi, Bendel State (Now in Edo State), Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Adeniyi JJohnso ​(m. 2013; div. 2015)​
Kola Ajeyemi ​(m. 2019)
Education: Osun State Polytechnic, Ibadan Polytechnic
Net Worth:

Toyin Abraham Biography

Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi is a Nigerian actress and filmmaker. Since 2003, Abraham has been one of the most prominent actresses in Nigeria. She has been nominated for and won several top awards, including the “AMVCA for Best Actress In A Drama” for a role in “Elevator Baby.” Abraham is known for several big films, including “Ebi Mi ni,” “Okafor’s Law,” “Love is in the Hair,” “Mentally,” “Prophetess,” “Bling Lagosians,” “Kasanova,” “The Ghost And The Tout,” etc.

She was previously known as Toyin Aimakhu until she changed her name to Toyin Abraham in 2016. She stated that the change was her family’s decision.


Toyin Abraham is happily married with a son and a stepdaughter.

Toyin Abraham: Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth, House, Cars &Amp; Movies


In 2013, Toyin Abraham announced that she was married to fellow Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson. They were married for two years, after which their marriage ended in 2015. There were reports of infidelity and miscommunication, leading Johnson to voice out, “I ADENIYI JOHNSON is at fault and not my wife… she reacted according to her pains and we all have different ways of reactions.”

Toyin began seeing Seun Egbegbe following their divorce. Later in an interview Johnson said, “For instance, I was accused of cheating. I heard a lot, I read a lot and till now there’s no evidence. The Internet doesn’t forget.

“Seun Egbegbe, permit me to mention the name, I’m not spiting anybody, I’m just making reference, he said as at May 31 they started seeing and we still celebrated our second year anniversary by July.

“But at the same time, I take all fault. If I had managed the situation well as a man. It wouldn’t have gotten to the point it got to.”

In July of 2019, Abraham had a traditional engagement with another actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi. They welcomed their first child in August of the same year.

Toyin Abraham, Yours Truly, People, March 2, 2024


Toyin Abraham is a mother to two children, her step-daughter Temitope Ajeyemi and her son Ire Ajeyemi. In 2022, she announced that she would like to have more children. She revealed that she was pregnant but lost the baby.


According to BuzzNigeria, Toyin Abraham allegedly had four siblings. Three sisters and one older brother. This has yet to be confirmed by the actress.

Toyin Abraham, Yours Truly, People, March 2, 2024


According to online reports, Toyin Abraham has a younger brother who she rarely talks about. There are no photos of him online. In March 2022, Toyin shared an old family photo showing her with her siblings and father.


According to several media outlets, Toyin Abraham has two sisters, but she only talks about one. Her name is Fatimah Ogunsanya, formerly Aimakhu. She is popularly known as ‘fattybombum.’ Toyin and Fatimah seem to be very close to each other.


Toyin Abraham was raised by her parents alongside her siblings.


Toyin Abraham’s father is Pastor B.E Aimakhu. He died on October 23, 2017. He was born on the 1st of October, 1940, and was an origin of Auchi town in Edo State, Southsouthern part of Nigeria. He was a clergyman all his life.


In 2018, Toyin Abraham shared a photo of her mother and revealed that she was 74 years old and about to turn 75. She was once seen in a video, shared in 2022, crying on her mother’s lap.

Toyin Abraham, Yours Truly, People, March 2, 2024


Toyin Abraham is a wealthy actress whose films have topped the Nigerian box office, but she’s also a mother who dotes on her children. She has been spotted in videos dancing with her kids. She also has an affluent lifestyle.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Toyin Abraham’s net worth is unknown to the public. She is one of Nigeria’s highest-paid and highest-grossing actresses and filmmakers. She is also an ambassador for several brands and real estate companies. Some media outlets have estimated her worth to be over $ 3 million. The estimate is yet to be confirmed by her.


Toyin Abraham lives in Lagos, Nigeria. It is unknown where her house is situated. She has shared photos and videos of herself inside her home.


Toyin Abraham has shared several photos of herself standing next to her cars, including a G Wagon, Mercedes-Benz CLA 250, Mercedes-Benz G-Class BRABUS 800, etc.

Toyin Abraham, Yours Truly, People, March 2, 2024


Toyin Abraham has starred in many blockbuster films, including;

  • Made in Heaven
  • Alakada Reloaded
  • Celebrity Marriage
  • London Fever
  • The Millions
  • Kasanova
  • What just happened
  • Fate of Alakada
  • Elevator Baby
  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
  • Tatu
  • Mentally
  • Hakkunde
  • Esohe
  • Disguise
  • Seven and Half Dates
  • Nimbe
  • Bling Lagosians

How many children does Toyin Abraham have?

She has two children: a son and a stepdaughter.

When did Toyin Abraham get married?

Toyin Abraham divorced her first husband in 2015. She married her second husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi, in 2019.

When did Toyin Abraham start acting?

Toyin Abraham started acting in 2003.

What did Lizzy Anjorin say to Toyin Abraham?

She accused Toyin of trolling her and other actresses in the film industry.

Does Toyin Abraham have a daughter?

Toyin Abraham has a stepdaughter named Temitope Ajeyemi.

How Toyin Abraham met her husband?

Toyin said they were friends first, and he used to help her out with things, including booking hotels, etc. When their love started, it was mutual.

How old is Toyin Abraham's husband?

As of 2022, he is 41 years old.

How old is Toyin Abraham's daughter?

She turned 18 in September 2022.

How old is Toyin Abraham's son?

He turned three in August 2022.

How much is Toyin Abraham worth?

The estimate of her net worth is unknown. She is one of the wealthiest actresses and filmmakers in Nigeria.

Is Toyin Abraham still married?

Yes. She has been married for four years.

Is Toyin Abraham from Edo state?

Yes, she is from Auchi.

Who is Toyin Abraham's husband?

Toyin Abraham’s husband is Kolawole Ajeyemi.

Which state is Toyin Abraham from?

Toyin Abraham is from Edo State.

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