Erigga “Family Time” Album Review

Family Time


  • Genre: Alternative Rap
  • Date: 27 Oct, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 17
  • ℗ 2023 AATW/Greatness Musiq

Erigga &Quot;Family Time&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024

The much-awaited album “Family Time” by Nigerian rapper Erigga marks his comeback to the music industry in just under a year. This endeavour comes after the successful release of his record “The Lost Boy” last year. “Family Time” is a new song that showcases Erigga’s distinct style and demonstrates his unwavering innovation and commitment to his craft. The album’s collaborations with a number of incredible artists, like Victor AD, Zlatan, Yung6ix, Corizo, Savage, and others, are among its most distinctive aspects. The album gains depth and diversity from these cooperative collaborations. “Family Time” is Erigga’s sixth album, demonstrating his versatility as a musician. He keeps pushing the envelope of his craft with every release, giving his audience new viewpoints and intimate glimpses into his space and his thoughts.

Album Art

Erigga &Quot;Family Time&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024

The artwork boldly displays Erigga in a way that demands attention. It cleverly references the iconic Last Supper image in Christianity and reimagines it with Paper Boy at the centre, focused on earning money with his family. A “Street Certified” gold plaque hangs on the wall, an unmistakable symbol of Erigga’s past successes. This artwork is an unapologetic reminder to his critics that he is a true street genius, and this upcoming project will be no exception.

Tracks And Features

“Broken in Two,” featuring Kyla. e is the opening track of the album, and Erigga makes a powerful statement right from the start. In the song, he addresses bad governance, self-empowerment, poor security, unemployment, education, and life philosophy. The children’s vocal chorus highlights the lies of the current government and the growing concerns of the Nigerian youth. Overall, the track is a strong commentary on the state of society and the struggles faced by its people.

On “Family Time,” Erigga then teams up with Victor AD, and for those who have followed the musical collaborations between the duo, this won’t be their first hit—or their last. They enlist Zlatan into the mix, and the rapper drops another solid delivery of lyricism and artistry as they all lift their voices in supplication to the supreme being, requesting blessings for themselves and their families. The synergy between Erigga, Victor AD, and Zlatan is evident as they effortlessly blend their unique styles and energies on “Family Time.” With each verse, they paint a vivid picture of their humble beginnings and aspirations for a better future, creating a heartfelt anthem that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

In the song “Wide Awake,” Corrizo and Gee Baller showcase their talents and dedication to their craft. The track celebrates the hard work and determination of people who stay late to pursue their goals. Despite variations in their flow, the producer seamlessly blends their styles into an entertaining and well-crafted format. The song is a testament to the value of hard work and reminds one to stay committed to their passions.

Erigga shines on “Pot of Stew” as he thoughtfully includes his prayer list in his lyrics, expresses his current state of mind to anyone willing to listen, and effortlessly rides the chill Afro-hip-hop beat. “El Classico” features Savage delivering a powerful and impressive verse and hook. This sets the stage perfectly for Erigga, who skillfully paints vivid pictures with his lyrics, sharing his battles with the streets and how he overcame his emotions. Erigga’s lyrical prowess is evident throughout the track, as he effortlessly weaves together storytelling and introspection. His raw and authentic delivery resonates with listeners, drawing them into his world and allowing them to empathize with his struggles. With each line, Erigga showcases his growth as an artist and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

In the song “Bad Persin,” Erigga raps about his lifestyle and relationships with people. The lyrics touch on themes of gratitude and unrequited goodwill, as well as ingratitude and entitlement from those around him. Similarly, “Area and Entitlement” deals with similar themes and more. In the song “God,” Erigga motivates the streets never to abandon their dreams. He encourages them to keep hustling because the supreme being is generous enough to bless their efforts, and in no time, their dreams will become a reality.

Krista is featured on “Assumptions”. The penultimate track of the album features a robust introduction by Erigga, where he asserts his determination to succeed despite any challenges he may face. He emphasizes the importance of spiritual support in overcoming obstacles and negativity. Additionally, Erigga calls out the actions of evil individuals and highlights the need for love to be prioritized over financial gain in religious organizations. Overall, the song delivers a positive and inspiring message of resilience and determination in adversity.

The final track of the motivational-inspired album, “Strong Warning,” serves as a cautionary message from Paper Boy to anyone who may try to bring him down. The looped monologue in the background features an angry individual who establishes dominance in a confrontation and reminds his opponent of his strength. Erigga’s words echo in the listener’s mind as the 17-track journey ends.


1 Broken in two (feat. Kyla.e) Erigga 3:47
2 Family time (feat. Victor AD & Zlatan) Erigga 3:42
3 Wide Awake (feat. Corizo, Gee Baller & Yung6ix) Erigga 2:24
4 Pot of Stew Erigga 1:49
5 El Classico (feat. Savage) Erigga 3:27
6 Too Fresh Erigga & EBII 2:12
7 Good Girl No Dey Pay Erigga 2:45
8 Glasses In the Air Erigga 3:32
9 Tinke Erigga 2:58
10 Saddest Days Erigga 2:56
11 First Taking Erigga 2:01
12 Bad Persin Erigga 3:25
13 My entitled brother (Interlude) Erigga 1:15
14 Area and Entitlements Erigga 1:43
15 God Erigga 3:09
16 Assumptions (feat. Krista) Erigga 3:10
17 Strong warning (Outro) Erigga 2:12

Album Summary

Erigga is an exceptional rapper who has cemented his position as a leader in the industry. He fiercely protects his unique lyrical style and street credibility, earning him the unwavering loyalty of his devoted fans and peers alike. The Family Time album is a true masterpiece, a testament to Erigga’s unparalleled growth as an artist. With a whopping seventeen tracks, he effortlessly navigates through various themes and emotions, offering his listeners an unforgettable sonic experience. Erigga’s unwavering commitment to delivering authentic and relatable music is evident throughout this album, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his authenticity as an artist.


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