Erigga “The Lost Boy (Deluxe Version)” Album Review

The Lost Boy (Deluxe Version)


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 09 Dec, 2022
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2022 ATTW / distributed Under Exclusive License to Greatness Musiq

With “The Lost Boy,” Erigga wants to make a brag. He wants to send a clear message, and in order to do so, he chooses to be completely showy. Rappers tend to exaggerate their accomplishments when they want to show off their standing in the industry, but Erigga has gathered a talented group of musicians with whom he experiments with various hip-hop sounds to convey the message of his conceit and reality.

To the original version, he adds three new songs with two features, one from frequently featured Jay Teazer who he also worked with on a joint project. The new additions are all apples that did not fall far from the tree, all carrying the seed of the original album theme.

Album Cover Art

Erigga &Quot;The Lost Boy (Deluxe Version)&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 19, 2024

On a deep-blue background, Erigga, in his hooded sweatshirt, can be seen sitting somberly in the middle of a large expanse of green land looking toward the big, bright city that is glowing from from afar. There in the field, he looks like he literally has neither family nor friends or maybe it’s that needed timeout from everyone in order to self-reflect and recharge.

Tracks and Features

The first of the album’s 16 tracks, “Inshallah,” features Ebii. Erigga delivers his rap rhymes on the opening track’s Afro-pop-influenced beat arrangement, and Ebii sings the chorus. Erigga attempts to incorporate bits of nuggets and advice into parts of the lyrics of the track and the album as a whole. These themes include tenacity, motivation, hustle,, growth, success, Grace, and sacrifices among others.

The following song, “L with Vs,” finds Erigga discussing themes relating to his friendship, love, development and mental health, respect, accepting defeat and counting victories. Additionally, he seems to address the naysayers who are eager to undermine his credibility.  The rhythmic structure of the song is typical Afro-pop, and there are also appealing piano chords and intermittent backing vocals.

One of the album’s excellent songs, “Broke or Rich,” with Jay Teazer, is full with wisdom. Erigga’s rap verses are introduced by Jay’s smooth vocals, which also bring the chorus to life. Along with other bits of thought-provoking information, the lyrics contain themes of change, hustling, determination, motivation, resilience, money, and the power of wealth. In an effort to change the narrative, Erigga prioritizes wealth-seeking over men-to-men mingling.

“Family Ties” features Oga Network and Igosave and explores issues of ungratefulness, ugly character, greed and stinginess, family, love and relationship, consciousness, and offers guidance against alcoholism and getting “high,” opportunists, and deceit. The smooth/cool beat arrangement, which has an Afro-highlife feel to it and also some lovely guitar chords, fits the song perfectly. A speech about life by Igosave concludes the song. Jeriq enters with “Perfect timing,” on the hip-hop song that emphasizes the value of hustle and “time,” and the Duo show off their versatility.

In the spoken word poem, “Ballads of a Lost Boy,” Erigga expresses his way of thinking. The narrative is carried on by “Elon Musk,” which features Kayve. The lyrics contain messages of self-discovery and strong beliefs, as well as themes of growth, entrepreneurship, hustling, determination, motivation, and resilience. Background vocal accompaniment is also present in the chrous.

The album’s final tune is “The Goat.” The song’s lyrics contain messages about drug use, self-aggrandizement, hustle, determination, and motivation. Erigga applauds his development and notes that, while he enjoys having a good time, he also acknowledges reality. He also keeps calling himself a “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) while giving listeners advise nuggets.


1 INSHALLAH (feat. EBII) 2:15
2 L WITH V’S (Louis Vuitton) 2:44
3 HOW MANY GYAL (feat. YUANG) 2:51
5 BROKE OR RICH (feat. Jay Teazer) 3:30
6 FAMILY TIES (feat. Oga Network & Igosave) 3:38
7 PERFECT TIMING (feat. Jeriq) 3:28
8 LIT (feat. PsychoYP) 2:56
9 COTTON CANDY (feat. Mephyz) 3:37
10 A GIRL CALLED GRACE (feat. Jay Teazer) 3:00
11 PTSD (feat. Odumodublvck) 3:27
12 THE LOST BOY (feat. YUANG & Jay Teazer) 2:51
13 BALLADS OF A LOST BOY (Word Poetry) 3:45
14 ELON MUSK (feat. Kayve) 3:13
15 LOST GIRL (feat. Jay Teazer) 3:19
16 THE GOAT 2:33

Album Theme

In “The Lost Boy,” Erigga reveals the struggle that led to his achievement while attempting to silence his critics forever. He accomplishes all this with this carefully-chosen record.


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