Kizz Daniel – Thankz Alot EP Review

Thankz Alot (TZA)

This September marks the tenth anniversary of Nigerian singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel’s debut track, “Woju”. His rise to prominence in the music industry was rapid, and to commemorate ten years of recording music, he dropped the four-track EP, TZA.

With the smooth release of this new project, the singer displays his extraordinary musical dexterity once more as he incorporates two of his previously released hit singles, “Twe Twe” and “Too Busy to Be Bae,” into the new project along with his eagerly awaited brand-new song “Showa” and “Sooner,” another musical rendition that makes up the compilation without any guest appearances.

EP Cover Art

Kizz Daniel - Thankz Alot Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 22, 2024

The simple EP’s cover features a stylized acronym of the project’s title. Kizz Daniel was really not in the mood for doing too much.

Tracks and Features

“Sooner” begins the EP with a sincere vibe, as Kizz gets real with a babe he seems to have the hots for. He is well aware that he cannot commit to two women at once because he stands a risky chance of losing them both. So, he lets the new babe know that it would have so nice to run game with her only if he hadn’t already been committed to another. Probably to make the new babe not feel like shit about his decision, he compliments her body and looks, but maintains his stance. The message in this song doesn’t need to be spelled out, as it already quite glaring to the discerning. Great vibe, solid delivery.

The vibe and melodies get even better with “Showa,” where Kizz literally laughs at himself for turning out to being the opposite of the “hard guy” he initially was. He sings about those nice perks that come alongside falling in love with the right one. Another plus for the track is the calm, charming instrumental and how Kizz’s appealing vocals naturally meld into the mix. He also chose a perfect ending to the song, bringing in some local talking drum sounds that were joined by nice trumpet chords. You’ll just have no option but to leave this one repeat. No, for real. You will get hooked. Kizz has mastered his craft so well it hurts.

Teaming up with the highly acclaimed P.Priime, Kizz creates something for all those that are “Too Busy Be Bae,” completely contrasting what he was about in the previous track. On this one, he just wants to have fun and live a little, while remaining untethered to any lady that might want to tie him down. The Amapiano log drums turn things up a notch, allowing more creative room for the singer to do what he knows how to do best.

Kizz brings the extended play to an end with the smash hit, “Twe Twe,” which is just all about the vibe and having a great time dancing or twerking, as the case may be. The track’s beat and catchy chorus become the life of the party, as many would swear those are the only two aspects of the song that gets them. We couldn’t agree more. It still makes a great upbeat jam fit for a closer.

EP Theme

As per the singer’s statement, the four-track EP is a way for him to express his gratitude to all of his global fans who have stuck by him during his ten-year music career.

Production Credits

The EP, which sources production from Blaise Beatz, AyZed, P.Prime, Killertunes, and Reward Beatz, strikes a soul-stirring mix between pop and Afrobeats.

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