Logos Olori “OLORI” EP Review


Olamilekan Emeka Taiwo, better known as Logos Olori, has released his seven-track debut EP named “Olori,” following his Grammy nomination for his work on Davido’s hit single “Unavailable,” which featured Musa Keys. Logos Olori’s journey through freedom, success, and love is chronicled on this EP.

Davido and Musa Keys are featured on the new body of work, which he wrote alone. This album, which was produced by Mercury, Magicticks, and Ragee, promises listeners an enchanting experience with each track’s seamless flow of catchy tunes.

EP Cover Art

Logos Olori &Quot;Olori&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

Dripped out in an all-white outfit and rocking a pair of designer sneakers to go with, Logos sits relaxedly as he stares at his reflection in the mirror. When you zoom in, you notice other background activities and props.

Tracks and Features

With its eponymous opener, which delivers character and personality, the EP begins on a melodic note. For the next six tracks, Logos made a commendable effort to provide a mission statement and develop a plan. He also chose to plunge straight into a rapturous exchange of admiration and passionate longings. The Big Ragee-produced song has the right amount of tempo for an opener thanks to its jazz horns and chords, and Logos opts for a lively vocal performance that makes the listener happy instead.

Signed by one of the top musicians in Africa, Logos knows he can always rely on label head support. Davido did his signee a favor on the Magicstick & Ragee produced Konto bounce, “Easy On Me.” The Grammy nominee attached himself to a song whose catchy melody and captivating performance reveal the song’s rather basic lyrics. In overall, it makes the song shine brighter and supports Logos’s aspirations to become widespread.

Then, on “Push It,” he transitions to an uplifting beat driven by log drums. The song kind of falls short of packing the cutting edge or retentive aspects of an artist nursing mainstream ambitions, carrying the rudimentary touch of an underground musician trapped in the lyrical and delivery department.

The emotional song “My Darling” features a remarkably simple chorus that demonstrates Logos’s ability to build fantastic melodies and deploy words in a way that is comparable to Afropop performers whose music has had a significant impact on the scene. Although the catchy Highlife chords begged for a more powerful chorus, Logos’s performance is nevertheless praiseworthy.

Amapiano snares and Afrobeat horns shine on “Apapa,” which gives listeners something to cling to. Logos also steps up to providing the necessary amount of lamba and compelling delivery.

While Musa Keys-featured “Hmm Hmm” is a strong duet, Logos’s delivery and lyrics aren’t that strong. They are, nevertheless, quite bright and melodic! The speaker’s booming Amapiano kick and Musa Keys’s respectable attempts do a lot to keep the song from being just another haphazard attempt to capitalize on Amapiano’s menacing beat in order to achieve a hit.

The Swing record “Murder,” which closes out the EP’s 17 minutes of playtime, features Logos once more engaging in tough talking in a way that makes listeners care about what he has to say. Many would argue that Logos sounds eerily similar to Wizkid in this one, which might not be a very terrible thing, after all.

EP Theme

His most recent piece of work is a turning point in Logos’ life and captures a variety of events that have shaped him into the artist he is today. By examining topics of happiness, wealth, and love, Logos hopes to build a close, emotional bond with listeners.

His work serves as a poignant invitation for people to find comfort, motivation, and relatability in the common parts of the human experience in addition to serving as a reflection of his personal path.


# Title Artist(s)
1 Olori Logos Olori
2 Easy On Me Logos Olori & Davido
3 Push It Logos Olori
4 My Darling Logos Olori
5 Apapa Logos Olori
6 Hmm Hmm Logos Olori & Musa Keys
7 Murder Logos Olori

Production Credits

Mercury, Magic Sticks and Ragee produced the EP.


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