LAYCON “Bioba” Album Review



  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 07 Jul, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 13
  • ℗ 2023 F.N.E Ltd, with exclusive license to ONErpm

Two years after releasing his debut album, Laycon follows it up with his sophomore effort, “Bioba,” which translates to “Like A King” and represents the artist’s confidence in his abilities. With the help of prominent Nigerian artists Peruzzi and Oladapo, Laycon takes you on a personal journey through his adventures, hardships, and victories in this 12-track record.

Each song is a window into Laycon’s psyche, reflecting his introspection and personal development both as a musician and a person.

Album Cover Art

Laycon &Quot;Bioba&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

In a simple white tee, a proud Laycon stares keenly at his entire discography represented by their album covers framed and hanging before him on the wall, the latest being the largest one in size.

Tracks and Features

“Late Nights, Early Days” featuring Oladapo begins the album on sober grounds. Laycon raps about all the crap he has seen in the music business so far, and Oladapo echoes the message in the nicely handled chorus. Regardless, the rapper keeps up his resilience and wishes the naysayers all they wish him. And though he switches to Afrobeat singing in the next track, “Shine,” Laycon carries the same message into the next track, heaping the “back to sender” prayer on his ‘enemies.’ Since they are disturbing his peace so bad, he wants them out of the picture, even if it means them kicking the bucket.

When Laycon decides to shift focus from his numerous enemies, he turns his gaze to his woman with the big bunda in “Marathon.” Laycon displays his singing range, creating lovely melodies and flowing with the smooth Afrobeats production. For some mysterious reason, anything associated with the rapper Odumodublvck lately seems to be popping all the way off, and it is no different with “Odumodu in a Picanto,” alluding to Odumo’s breakout hit. This track here has to be one of his hardest rap songs. Laycon reminds everyone why he beats his chest as one of the best out by laying intelligent bars and clever punchlines, as he touches on several relatable topics.

Laycon just keeps up whipping out surprise crazy melodies from his creative box. In “Trigger,” Lay serenades his woman with sleek lines and vocals. He also has support from some backup vocalists. The well-engineered beat was eaten whole with zero crumbs left. In “Waka Pass” Lay shows a shade of his toxic side, singing about how he can be down to roll with a babe, be accountable and all, but wouldn’t also be tied down, which means any babe in his life is easily replaceable.

Peruzzi appears as the album’s second feature in “Peruzzi’s Interlude,” and joins Laycon in the romantic zone where they both sing to and about their love interests. The interlude builds the bridge to “Ze Roberto,” the next song in which Laycon toots his horn and brings the upbeat vibe to the dancefloor. He also cautions against rolling with folks that want a mile when offered an inch.

In “LOL” he pays homage to his roots and other greats who have rocked the scene. Laycon raps about wants everyone to do their thing instead of getting jealous of the next man’s exploits and success. In “Manifest,” the rapper sings about his lover and how she wouldn’t quit popping up in his mind. The title track follows with a similar theme as the preceding track. Laycon praises his woman as well hail himself in the song’s lovely chorus, with the assistance of backup singers.

The penultimate tune, “Hear the Rumours” comes next and Laycon goes off again with the melodies. He senses his girl is having doubts about their love because of hearsays, so he does his best to assure his girl of his unwavering love. “Remember Me” ends the album on an inspirational note, where the rapper sings about overcoming the storms after having gone through it.


1 Late Nights, Early Days (feat. Oladapo) 2:09
2 Shine 2:38
3 Marathon 2:40
4 Odumodu in a Picanto 2:35
5 Trigger 2:13
6 Waka Pass 2:49
7 Peruzzi’s Interlude (feat. Peruzzi) 2:40
8 Ze Roberto 2:44
9 Lol 2:40
10 Manifest 3:12
11 Bioba 2:48
12 Hear the Rumours 3:00
13 Remember Me 3:00

Album Theme

“Bioba” emphasizes Laycon’s acceptance of his place as music royalty, motivating us all to embrace our own preparation, take our opportunities, and remember success is a constant process of self-discovery and progress, not a destination.

Production Credits

Shabba Producer, Tytanium, Back Culture, DWills Harmony, Finito, IBK Sleek, and Big Foot In Your Face produced the album.


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