Lil Durk “Almost Healed” Album Review

Almost Healed

Lil Durk

  • Genre: Rap
  • Date: 26 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 21
  • ℗ 2023 Alamo Records, LLC/Sony Music Entertainment
Lil Durk &Quot;Almost Healed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024
Credit: Joe Moore

This is Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s fourth full-length album. Before signing with Def Jam Recordings for his full-length debut Remember My Name & the sophomore effort Lil Durk 2X, he gained notoriety more than ten years ago by releasing his debut mixtape “I’m a Hitta.” He would follow this up with “Life Ain’t No Joke” & the first two installments of the “Signed to the Streets” trilogy. Since then, Durk has established himself at Alamo Records with the release of 9 other mixtapes, and he is attempting to recover from the mixed reviews of 7220 owing to its subpar production and slightly more reflective subject matter in the shape of Almost Healed.

Indeed, it has all happened to Lil Durk. Even though the Chicago musician made the Drill sound popular worldwide, success is meaningless when you lose as much as he has. He experienced unfathomable anguish due to the deaths of Brother DTHang and his close friend King Von within a short period. But, as usual, music served as a source of comfort. The new album “Almost Healed” is an act of therapy and is the audio equivalent of someone letting a lot of stuff out. Lil Durk, a multi-platinum superstar and pioneer of Chicago hip-hop, dropped one of the year’s most anticipated albums after building up anticipation to a fever pitch.

Album Art

Lil Durk &Quot;Almost Healed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

The album art sees a well-bandaged Lil Durk, who looks to be quite injured and receiving treatment. The eye that wasn’t covered is bleeding, and blood stains are all over the bandages and his torn clothing. This art has a deep meaning for Durk, who mourns the loss of family and friends, as he recounts how emotionally drained he has felt for a while on this album. It is nothing of relief that he admits he is getting “Almost Healed.’

Tracks and Features

With 21 tracks available for listening, Lil Durk has a lot to say. He is justified in using this amount of space because there is much to consider, although some could be condensed. Lil Durk finds support in people around him as the album opens with the startlingly personal spoken word of “Therapy Session.” Before the record turns into the tense, taut drill sound of “Pelle Coat,” Alicia Keys contributes her voice to the record’s first track.

Before ‘Never Again”s blue undertones move things in a more reflective direction, J Cole’s superb cameo on ‘All My Life’ elevates the project even further. Rappers keep a journal. In “All My Life,” Lil Durk and J. Cole accomplish many positive things. First, it is fire when you use children’s vocals in music. Second, you must adore how Durk combines deeply felt lyrics with catchy tunes. Finally, it would be best if you respected how J. Cole imparts wisdom on maintaining authenticity by delivering real-ass remarks about rappers passing away and wearing his dawgs. This song is ideal for each of our spirits.

Lil Durk &Quot;Almost Healed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Before a whirlwind of features lights up the album’s middle, “Put Em On Ice” serves as a warning. ‘Big Dawg,’ a single that alternates between swagger and chills, features Chief Wuk. Future added to the piano palette of “Never Imagined,” while “War Bout It” receives a shot from 21 Savage.

With the help of more keys and hi-hats from Metro Boomin’, 21 Savage’s “War ‘Bout It” declares that it is forbidden to talk about any criminal activity you have ever participated in. Meanwhile, “You Got ‘Em” discusses how Perc poppers are not his friends but once more features one of the album’s weakest instrumentals. In the discussion of their respective lives, Metro & Zaytoven’s “Grandson” with Kodak Black has a darker musical flair, and Wheezt’s “300 Urus” makes it apparent there’s a reason some people aren’t with him anymore over an atmospheric trap beat.

Listeners will enjoy the back-and-forth delivery and the macabre Lil Ju soundtrack, even though Rob49’s lines on “Same Side” pale compared to Durk’s. Meanwhile, “B12” weaves some hi-hats and odd synth patterns while discussing being fucked up off ecstasy. Both “Cross the Globe” and “At This Point, We Stuck” focus on themes of love, while “At This Point, We Stuck” questions melancholy and why everyone is upset with him. “Cross the Globe” also features the late Juice WRLD. While the song “Belt2Ass” declares itself to be a rockstar from the trenches and the instrumental here has more of a symphonic flair to it, “Dru Hill” is a melodramatically piano trap crossover asking to be shown something new and what love feels like.

The album’s penultimate track, “Stand By Me,” switches back to a more straightforward sound so he can desire his girl’s honesty. In contrast, The album’s closing single, “Moment of Truth,” features a trap/rock fusion produced by Alicia Keys and talks about being out all night “getting the bread.”


1 Therapy Session Lil Durk & Alicia Keys
2 Pelle Coat Lil Durk
3 All My Life (feat. J. Cole) Lil Durk
4 Never Again Lil Durk
5 Put Em On Ice Lil Durk
6 Big Dawg Lil Durk & Chief Wuk
7 Never Imagined (feat. Future) Lil Durk
8 Sad Songs Lil Durk
9 Before Fajr Lil Durk
10 War Bout It (feat. 21 Savage) Lil Durk
11 You Got Em Lil Durk
12 Grandson (feat. Kodak Black) Lil Durk
13 300 Urus Lil Durk
14 Same Side (feat. Rob49) Lil Durk
15 B12 Lil Durk
16 At This Point We Stuck Lil Durk
17 Cross The Globe (feat. Juice WRLD) Lil Durk
18 Dru Hill Lil Durk
19 Belt2Ass Lil Durk
20 Stand By Me (feat. Morgan Wallen) Lil Durk
21 Moment of Truth Lil Durk

Album Summary

But maybe expecting Lil Durk to articulate his sorrowfully is too much to ask. At its best, “Almost Healed” is a sad, affecting piece of work by one of Drill’s most technically accomplished MCs. It feels like a vital part of his creative process. However, while the light is needed, juxtaposing the fun of “Dru Hill” and “Sad Songs” with the displays of grief and retaliation can be unsettling. Similarly, while some elements—such as an emotional postmortem Juice WRLD—work flawlessly, not all do.

Almost Healed proved to be a move in the right way for Durk because it may be the best full-length he’s ever released. As magnificently contemplative as 7220 was, the production on that prior album was significantly lacking. It’s more well-produced and feels like a therapy session on wax as the intimate themes of the predecessor are expanded here. Some of the features underperformed, but most stick to the landing.


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