Little Simz “Drop 7” EP Review

Drop 7

Little Simz returns this Friday (February 9) with “Drop 7,” the seventh part in her critically acclaimed “Age 101: Drop” series. She had previously published the tracklist for the album on social media, revealing seven tracks including “Mood Swings,” “I Ain’t Feeling It,” and “Far Away.”

“Drop 7” is the follow-up to 2022’s “NO THANK YOU,” a 10-song album produced by Simz with longtime collaborators Cleo Sol and Inflo.

EP Cover Art

Little Simz &Quot;Drop 7&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

Little Simz channels her inner AI for her new EP cover, which finds her designed in monochrome as half-robot and half-human. We can also spot a robot butterfly in motion beside her.

Tracks and Features

For someone having “Mood Swings,” Little Simz comes off hella composed and put together in this first song off the new EP. Foraying into the upbeat world of electronic dance, the rapper flows ever so smoothly, as she tells us about the entropy unfolding in her mind while she takes herself here and there, the world over. While maintaining her composure, Simz also does well to express a bit of the chaotic vibe that characterizes a busy person with a troubled mind. The sound production also helps chart the course.

In “Fever,” she seems to have snapped out of her funk and is totally feeling herself as she gets into the slick talk proper. She also raps about traveling the world, not because of what’s going on in her head this time. She boasts about shutting down cities with her lit shows and friends who just like her, are a 10. You can also tell a babe like Simz would be into cars ’cause she talks about taking spins in whips outside her country, which was sounded so lit. And what would slick talk be if the opposite sex does not enter the conversation? Of course, she raps about boys and how they get so smitten and want to take her ‘deeper.’ At some point, she switches from English to Spanish without warning, further heating up the mood.

In the defiant “Torch,” Simz proves herself to be the worth the hype as she uses brilliant raps to flow on a pretty technical beat that would need a level of expertise to handle. Like the track title entails, Simz raps about being the one who carries the torch at the forefront, being the force and feeding the law. Her confidence is just spilling all over the place, which makes her raps sound even more convincing.

Then “SOS” comes on and gives your mind the right kick to prompt your body into dancing. And Simz being so generous, gives us an amazing dance sound that lasts for almost half the song for us to gyrate to before she steps in to add a few catchy words that helps push the vibe. She then vanishes again and allows the beat ride it out till fade. This one certainly has a stroke of genius to it. Simz is a genius.

Simz gets on her grown, sexy vibe with “I Ain’t Feeling It.” Using really soft vocals, she gives herself her flowers and says she is HER with her full chest. And you cannot even dare argue it because she is too clear while she maintains her realness, kicking the fake to the curb. Though she might seem underrated, Simz raps here like she now truly knows her worth in the game. She also raps about letting go of the booze and makes a pretty cool reference to the nail bar owned by the character she played in one of UK’s highly-rated TV series, “Top Boy.” Also we have to give it up for this crazy, crazy production.

“Power” is pretty much like an extension of the previous track, theme-wise, and only lasts for 54 seconds.

Ending the project on a rather sad note, Simz switches modes to singing in order to get out those deep emotions that hit you when you realize a bad, bad mistake you just made. In this case, she let a good thing she had with a man slip through her hands because she was the architect. She was desiring something she knew she couldn’t have for the long haul, so she just clings to memories now and misses him but would do the same thing all over again. If this isn’t torture. But the melodic beat and Simz’ lovely singing voice soothes and balances out the sad vibe. This one would even pass for House Music.


# Title Duration
1 Mood Swings 2:21
2 Fever 1:28
3 Torch 2:12
4 SOS 3:03
5 I Ain’t Feelin It 1:48
6 Power 0:55
7 Far Away 3:08

EP Theme

Simz’ new EP dances around the themes of self-confidence, vulnerability, love, and the superstar lifestyle.

Production Credits

Jakwob singlehandedly produced the extended play.


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