Song Review: “Love and Trust” by Iyanya & Joeboy

A Deep Dive Into The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Love And Trust


“Love and Trust,” the first track from Iyanya’s EP of the same name, features the talented Joeboy. The song, written by both artists, explores the complexities of love and trust in a relationship, with a catchy rhythm and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners.

Lyrics and Theme

The song begins with a declaration of letting bygones be bygones, hinting at a past filled with conflict and misunderstanding. The lyrics “I thought you were the right one, Oh well I guess I was wrong” express a sense of regret and disappointment, indicating a relationship that didn’t live up to expectations.

The chorus, “Na love I love, Na trust I trust,” is a simple yet powerful expression of the song’s central theme. It’s a lament about the pain and confusion that comes when love and trust are betrayed. The repetition of these lines throughout the song emphasizes the depth of the emotional turmoil experienced.

Musicality and Delivery

The musicality of “Love and Trust” complements its emotional lyrics. The rhythm is catchy, and the melody is easy to follow, making it a song that listeners can easily sing along to. Iyanya and Joeboy’s delivery is filled with emotion, adding depth to the lyrics and making the song more relatable.


While “Love and Trust” is a well-crafted song, it does fall into the trap of being somewhat predictable. The theme of love and trust in relationships is a common one in music, and the song doesn’t offer a unique perspective on this topic. Additionally, the lyrics could benefit from more complexity and depth to fully capture the intricacies of love and trust.


Despite these criticisms, “Love and Trust” is a solid track that showcases the talents of both Iyanya and Joeboy. It’s a song that many can relate to, making it a worthy addition to any playlist. The raw emotion and catchy rhythm make it a song that listeners can connect with on a deep level. Whether you’re going through a breakup or simply appreciate good music, “Love and Trust” is a song worth listening to.

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