Iyanya “Love & Trust” EP Review

Love & Trust – EP


  • Genre: African
  • Date: 08 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • ℗ 2023 Made Men Music Group/Ziiki Media

Iyanya, a Men Music Group veteran singer and songwriter, has released his long-awaited studio album “Love & Trust.” The Extended Play is a 6-track project that features guest appearances from Nigerian singers such as BNXN, who was previously featured on “Sinner,” and Joeboy, who was recently featured on “Love & Trust.”

The “Love & Trust” EP showcases Iyanya’s ability to flawlessly combine multiple components together to produce a distinct and refreshing sound. Each track on the EP has been meticulously constructed with great care, making it a complete listening delight for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

EP Cover Art

Iyanya &Quot;Love &Amp; Trust&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 17, 2024

For the cover of his new EP, Iyanya took the simpler route. He chose three cool greyscale polaroids on a red background; one showing his face with eyes shielded by a mildly tinted glasses, the second showing his fingers crossed together to hold his head while veiling his face, and the third is him assuming a relaxed state with his eyes closed, like a person deep in thoughts.

Tracks and Features

The title track begins the EP, with a feature from the lover boy himself, Joeboy. To be fair, Iyanya tried, but pondeck carried this track, together with a nice production from Semzi, who has also collaborated with Joe. Through their lyrics, both singers narrate sad relationship tales that began with “Love and Trust,” but ended in premium tears. Iyanya sings about and appreciates his “Woman” in the next song, thanking God for gifting her to him. The track’s production helps direct the singer’s creative abilities, which was displayed in throughout the track, especially in the chorus. For this one, you don’t have to fight yourself to dance.

The mushy, romantic vibe continues on the Niphkeys-produced “Allow.” He describes how he was approached by a chick who had some baggage from a past relationship. And, of course, one thing leading to another, Iyanya becomes her ‘shoulder to cry on. ‘ If you know, you know. So, the entire song is the singer reminiscing about good times they shared and how willing he is to keep making her feel like a real woman.

In most cases, it’s the women that try to ‘define’ the relationship by having some difficult conversations with their partners, but in this case, Iyanya is the one wearing those shoes in “Plans.” Because he’s been sensing foul play with his girl, he wants to be sure if it’s love she still wants or a fun time with no deep strings. Additionally, you can hear Styl-Plus’ influence on the track, with Iyanya mildly sampling the group’s classic song, “Call My Name.”

Nigeria’s beloved BNXN makes an appearance on the project’s penultimate track, the previously released hit song “Sinner.” And together, they delve into the grownup business of ‘bedmatics,’ as they sing about a woman’s gorgeous frame and how it bursts their brains. Trust BNXN to bring the new school juice, which perfectly synced with Iyanya’s melody. Fun fact: BNXN sang parts of the chorus in his local dialect for the first time in his career as an artist.

Closing the EP, Iyanya declares that no amount of “Breakfast” he has been served, he cannot run away from love. Talk about a practical helpless romantic. The opposite is usually the case, being that when horrible heartbreaks happen over and over to a person, it could cause them to grow numb to anything remotely affiliated with love. But it looks like fine girls have cast an enduring spell on Iyanya, so he pretty much cannot help himself at this point. We can’t blame him, either. Be like Iyanya and not get closed off to love after just one heartbreak…or two…or three. Love certainly cannot be that wicked to be given another shot. Not a bad curtain-fall for a comeback project.


1 Love and Trust Iyanya & Joeboy 2:45
2 Woman Iyanya 2:25
3 Allow Iyanya 2:15
4 Plans Iyanya 2:52
5 Sinner Iyanya & Bnxn 3:00
6 Breakfast Iyanya 2:29

EP Theme

The up and downsides of love and being a lovebird. The songs discuss various subjects, such as love, trust, and all the chaos in between.

Production Credits

Semzi, Xtofa, Niphkeys, Shugavybz produced the EP.


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