Joeboy Admits Finding Love

Nigerian Afrobeats music star, Joeboy, has found that beautiful thing called love, and he is not willing to shut up about it. The loverboy came on Twitter to announce that he is now in love and has never been happier. The tweet garnered mixed reactions from his fans and supporters, with many wondering if he was ‘capping’ or being honest. And while another group was genuinely happy for the singer, others were left speechless.

Before he sent out the tweet about him falling in love and being his happiest self, he had shared a similar tweet on 4 January 2023, expressing gratitude for how the past year went and how good it was for him. He stated that he had found inner peace, purpose, and love in one year. Joeboy also thanked his fans and everyone that “rocked” with him. The singer declared 2023 as “definitely a year for love and happiness,” hoping every other person finds love too.

So when fans expressed surprise at him falling in love, he quoted the former tweet, probably for those that missed the initial memo, and asked why folks would be surprised that he found love. But he seemed unfazed by the comments, saying he cannot take stuff personally, especially when he does not know the commenters on a personal level. Take a look at his posts below.

Joeboy Admits Finding Love, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

Joeboy Admits Finding Love, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

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