HINDS Biography

In the 2010s, garage rock bands, which were primarily led and populated by guys, flourished in Spain. The four Hinds ladies defied expectations and rose to the top of their field in the process. Their 2016 debut album, Leave Me Alone, introduced the world to their boisterous, occasionally shambolic sound.

The quartet’s third LP, “The Prettiest Curse,” released in 2010, saw them teeter on the edge of the pop mainstream. Subsequent records improved it with slicker production and more focused songwriting. Two young ladies who were sick of hanging out while their friends made music, Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garca Perrote, started the band in Madrid in 2011.

The duo released a couple of lo-fi recordings under the name Deers on their Bandcamp page after mastering the fundamentals of playing the guitar. Those two loud, catchy pop songs, “Bamboo” and “Trippy Gum,” which were released in the summer of 2014, caught the attention of several U.K. publications, including NME and The Guardian.

Ade Martn on bass and Amber Grimbergen on drums brought Deers’ lineup to a quartet in a matter of months. Following the November release of their second single, “Barn,” Deers were compelled to change their name due to legal threats made by another band who was already using the name. With their new stage name, Hinds, they continued to broaden their touring territory throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

In April 2015, they released a split single with fellow Spaniards the Parrots and appeared on a compilation from garage-focused American label Burger Records. Leave Me Alone, Hinds’ debut album, was released in January 2016 through Lucky Number in the United Kingdom and Mom + Pop in the United States.

Throughout the remainder of the year, the group performed worldwide tours in support of the album, put out a deluxe edition, and won the 2017 European Border Breakers Award.

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