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The Canadian brother and sister duo Luke and Tess Pretty are either 15 and 17 or 16 and 18. equivalent to that Not that it matters much. They don’t make “youth” their thing, their raison d’être, or their lyrical focus, so it’s not like they’re a new Arctic Monkeys or something. They don’t sing songs about mardy bums or riot vans. In actuality, they don’t sing about anything; instead, they play instrumental music.

And it is incredibly busy, jam-packed with piano twiddles and brrrrps, glissandos, arpeggios, and any other noises that are conveniently available. For instance, the warning beep of an automobile safety belt alert when someone is seated and has neglected to buckle up.


They base their newest song, Lay-By, which is a very sweet electronic lullaby, on that incredibly unpleasant tone in the shape of a loop. It will either enrage you or make you feel good. Alternatively, it will inspire you to take a ride (but buckle-up first). The song also has a section that begins with a starburst of synthesized colors and flavors and incorporates frenzied laughter. It has a synaesthetic quality.

They have thus far either been dismissed due to their young age. Or they’ve been welcomed with a reaction that borders on wonder. Luke Pretty should be overjoyed because Flying Lotus is one of his influences, along with Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Bonobo, James Blake, Lapalux, and Cashmere Cat. A fan who witnessed Luke Pretty performing live exclaimed, “This guy has raw talent.

According to reports, the two started busking in Edmonton when they were seven and nine years old, performing cover versions of songs by the Beatles, Coldplay, and Weezer. Luke was 12 years old when they finished recording two jazz records. In addition to combining his passion of jazz and electronica with his sister playing drums this year, he made his first release of original (electronic) music in 2012.

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