Best 18 Songs To Vibe To In A Nigerian Naming Ceremony

A healthy baby has always been welcomed into the world with much fanfare and joy, not just for the mother but also for the newborn. Even though there are various occasions throughout the year to honour moms, there is never an undesirable time to do it. Mothers give more love and self-sacrifice than anyone else. A mother can serve as a companion, teacher, guardian, and strict disciplinarian -You name it.

Best 18 Songs To Vibe To In A Nigerian Naming Ceremony, Yours Truly, Articles, September 26, 2023

Given the difficulty of carrying a child to term, many people lavishly congratulate the mother and give her presents in cash and kind as part of the celebrations leading up to the baby’s naming ceremony. Good mothers are caring, unselfish people who give up a lot of their wants and needs for their kids. Songs from naming ceremonies are an essential part of parents’ celebrations of the birth of their child. It’s a great way to welcome them into the world and give the parents—in this case, mothers—credits.

Best 18 Songs To Vibe To In A Nigerian Naming Ceremony, Yours Truly, Articles, September 26, 2023

Music has the power to capture the “feeling of parenthood.” However, conveying one’s emotions properly can be complicated or overwhelming, and music sometimes helps get the message. You’ll want to share the joy of your newborn and celebrate the beginning of a new life with your spouse and well-wishers. So, where do you find songs that show appreciation for the mother and the child she loves or the ‘family” she adores?

Best 18 Songs To Vibe To In A Nigerian Naming Ceremony, Yours Truly, Articles, September 26, 2023

Granted, many traditional gospel praise songs fit this billing, but we’ll be taking a different, more secular route. This article looks at some songs that can be played at naming ceremonies (depending on the mood) in the Nigerian setting, giving deserved attention to both child and parent.

Simi – Duduke

The onomatopoeic “Duduke,” with its clear visual, is a part of Simi’s happy existence in both her personal and professional spheres. She embodies this track as she celebrates fertility and motherhood. Pregnant then, she holds her growing tummy in the song video while rocking a yellow chiffon outfit. Considering Simi’s look into the sea, it is another dedication to Osun. For those unaware, Osun is the Yoruba fertility god who lives on the Osun River. In no time, Duduke became a “Pregnant to motherhood” song as fans of the music started cradling their bellies in the dance of impending motherhood on Instagram, and it is beautiful to see that it inspires a form of uterus envy among men exempt from this public commune between mothers and their unborn children. Indeed, a mother’s relationship with her child is one of a kind.

Dele Ojo – Iya Ni Wura

“Iya Ni Wura,” which translates to “Mother Is Gold,” honours women’s sacrifices in motherhood and was first recorded in the 1950s by Dele Ojo and his Star Brothers Band. This renowned poem by Ann Taylor, “My Mother,” is combined with Yoruba lyrics to create a Yoruba hymn about motherhood. Any mother’s head would swell at the lyrics of this song. The song’s lyrics beautifully capture the joys of parenthood and show plenty of love for both mother and kid.

Tilda & The Rocafil Jazz International – Sweet Mother

There may be no Nigerian naming ceremony you can attend where you won’t hear this timeless song performed repeatedly. In this song, a mother’s love for her child is portrayed. It brings back many memories for Generation X and Millennials. As the song’s title suggests, Tilda and her band recreated the 1976 hit “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga. It’s a timeless tune that will still be popular a century from now. The lovely highlife song’s straightforward lyrics let you comprehend the message: The most precious gift is a mother’s love.t.

Christy Essien-Igbokwe – Seun Rere

The “Nigerian Lady of Songs”, Christy Essien-Igbokwe, was a famous singer in Nigeria. Many timeless songs, including “Iyami Ranti” and “Seun Rere,” were vocalized by her. “Seun Rere” by Christy is full of enduring advice from mothers encouraging their children always to do right and celebrating the ability to have a child in the first place. Christy Essien-Igbokwe’s contribution to Nigerian music extended beyond her powerful vocals. She was also known for her impactful lyrics, which resonated with listeners of all ages. The song “Seun Rere” showcased her talent and reminded society of the importance of moral values and the guidance mothers provide in Nigerian society while celebrating them for it.

Flavour Featuring Chidinma – Mama

Flavour, dubbed the “King of Highlife” in Nigeria, pleased his fans by releasing “Mama” on Mother’s Day, which included Chidinma. His passionate message to mothers through this song—a tribute to all mothers—celebrated their capacity to become mothers and raise generations. In 2016, it rose in popularity.

Yemi Alade, Iyanya, Selebobo, Tekno & Olamide – Mama Oyoyo

Yemi Alade collaborated with Iyanya, Selebobo, Tekno, and Olamide to create this beautiful love song for mothers inspired by a children’s poem and sponsored by Peak. The music expresses love and gratitude for their exceptional mothers. This song honours motherhood and kids as blessings. It is a lovely ode to the unselfish, unwavering love that moms give.

2baba – Unconditional Love

In this song, the renowned Nigerian artist discusses love, but it’s not the love of Eros; it’s the kind of love you have for your mother. Love from a mother has always been unwavering, lucid, and sincere. 2Baba expresses his feelings about his mother and loved ones in this tearjerking song. 2baba expresses gratitude to his mother for nurturing and preserving him with unwavering devotion. He claims he will always adore her and love her.

J’odie – Kuchi Kuchi

Until Simi’s “Duduke” came out, J’odie’s “Kuchi Kuchi” was the go-to music for mothers and pregnant women. The cabaret-style love ballad “Kuchi Kuchi” (also known as “Oh Baby”) on Zouk-type beat blends gospel, rhythm and blues, rhumba, and reggae, and a loving and heartfelt dedication to motherhood is the final product. J’odie attempted to use baby speak (‘Kuchi Kuchi’) to weave a song about a mother’s love for her kid, but the song took off on its terms due to the universality of emotion.

Timi Dakolo – Iyawo mi

Let us establish one fact here -It is a love song, and it is typically sung/played during weddings. But this masterpiece can also be played at other festivities like baby naming ceremonies to symbolize respect and appreciation for the mother, the gift of the child she has given, and the love she shares with her spouse. Timi Dakolo’s delicate, soulful vocals and the traditional melody, surrounded by exquisiteness, give Cobhams Asuquo’s production of “Iyawo Mi” -a love letter- a beautiful atmosphere.

PSquare – Forever

Each demographic was catered to in PSquare’s distinctive musical fusion. In the past, there used to be something for the ladies, something for the weddings, something for the goosebumps, something for the dance, and something for the high-profile music videos. One of those songs that transcends genres and is appropriate almost always is “Forever.”

Timi Dakolo – Medicine

The song, which Cobhams Asuquo produced and is from his album “Love and Consequences,” was a smash in the music business and helped to share the passion between lovers and their children in hindsight. The video, which includes the performer’s wife and kids, honours wives who manage the homefront and make everything appear simple. The actor portrays a spouse who has to look after the kids while his wife is on vacation. The performer, unable to fill the void, praises the mother of his children for how effortlessly she performs her tasks.

PSquare – No One Like You

‘No One Like You” is one of those songs that cut through all the categories and was fit for almost every occasion. This is undoubtedly a wedding song, but its lyrics hinge on expressing love between closely-knit individuals. You could play it at a club or wedding reception and get its message, and you could still play it at a child naming ceremony and generate a different vibe and feeling. The infectious beats, sweet melody, and captivating messages of enduring love and unity make it a timeless classic.

Bracket – Yori Yori

This song continues to be incredibly sentimental and pleasant, especially for millennials who can still recall its upbeat melody and how its almost playful lyrics held nearly every mother in a chokehold. This song’s writer had to be at their best to produce something this amazing. Well-written, well-thought-out, and well-sung. Flawless. ‘Yori Yori’ was the music in every home from the North to the South, inspiring the incredible rise of the singing duo, and was, as one might assume, frequently heard playing at celebrations.

PSquare – Bunieya Enu

“Bunie Ya Enu” is a unique song sung in Igbo with a fast-paced beat in the background that was a significant component of the duo’s “Invasion” album hits. The song lyrics are comprised chiefly of gratitude to God for whatever the celebrations or occasion. It showcased the duo’s incredible vocal range and harmonization, adding an energetic and vibrant element to their overall sound. With its catchy lyrics and infectious rhythm, “Bunie Ya Enu” quickly became a fan favourite and solidified the duo’s place in the music industry.

Fave – Baby Riddim

“Baby Riddim,” a smash track from the Riddim 5 EP by Fave, is a tune that provides depths in the appropriate amounts. Fave’s “Baby Riddim” album is proof of her capacity to convey heartfelt words of love between two closely knit duos—a lover and family—while maintaining depth and intensity. The song also looks at romantic partners’ emotions and promises to support one another at happy and challenging times, like childbirth—qualities that define romantic relationships. It provides music that synchronizes and connects hearts, highlighting the necessity for spouses to be each other’s sources of strength, even if it’s by just honouring the “Baby.”

King Sunny Ade – Iya Mi

Another good song for the traditional highlife-loving audience. With the help of heavy instrumentals and Yoruba lyrics, King Sunny pays tribute to his mother, referring to her as his carer, provider, and hero while acknowledging her sacrifices for him as a child. He asserts that no one can imitate and succeed his mother. Additionally, King Sunny Ade encourages others to care for and learn from their mothers since they are priceless jewels who consider how the Children will survive and excel in life.

Asa – So Beautiful 

‘So Beautiful’ is a song created by Asa for her mother that is sung in English and Yoruba. It was a song from her sophomore album, “Beautiful Imperfection”. The song is a dedication to her mother and has lovely lyrics that highlight her mother’s natural attractiveness. It perfectly encapsulates an African mother’s grit, love, patience, and love for her child and the reciprocation from the child.

Phyno Featuring Onyeka Onwenu – Ochie Dike (Mama)

Another timeless piece of traditional music and folklore from Nigeria. A beautiful ode to all mothers and their unwavering love. A celebration of mothers and everything they do for their children was one of its key themes. Off his “Playmaker” album, Phyno collaborated with legendary Nigerian musician Onyeka Onwenu on the song honouring mothers with Igbo lyrics that were beautifully sung. This song, alongside Tilda’s “Sweet Mother,” were two songs that almost all Igbo-speaking Nigerian households were familiar with.


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