1da Banton Seals Sony Music Publishing Deal, Announces His New EP, “1da Shall Never End”

One of the Nigerian musicians introducing Afrobeats to a broader audience is 1da Banton. With the release of a new EP, he hopes to solidify his status as a household name after the success of his smash single “No Wahala” in Europe. The much-anticipated ‘Ida Shall Never End’ EP, whose lead tune, ‘Call Jehova,’ has already been released, is scheduled for release on May 17.

The hitmaker signed to Squareball Entertainment Recording has secured a ground-breaking agreement with Sony music publishing Germany before his upcoming EP. The deal places the music sensation, born in Port-Harcourt, under the same publishing roof as some of the best composers in the world, including Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Queen, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and others.

The managing director of Sony Music Publishing Germany, Patrick Strauch, and Marvin Lutz, A&R/Creative Manager, praised 1da Banton as a fantastic talent with whom they are eager to collaborate. On May 17, the eagerly anticipated EP will be published, and 1da Banton plans to use it to expand his fan base both domestically and abroad. A significant player in this new deal is his hit single “Miss You” with Tungevaag, which was on heavy rotation at Dutch Q-Music and Radio 538 for 25 solid weeks!

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