1da Banton “1da Shall Never End” EP Review


1da Banton

  • Genre: Afro-Beat
  • Date: 17 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • ℗ 2023 Squareball Ent. Limited, with exclusive license to ONErpm

Talented songwriter and producer 1da Banton has released his much-awaited project “1da Shall Never End.” The EP demonstrates 1da Banton’s desire to establish his place as one of Nigeria’s most multi-talented performers while expanding his reach. The EP, which only has 255 as the guest artist, combines many genres, such as Afrobeats, Afro-pop, and Dancehall, resulting in a varied range that appeals to listeners from various musical backgrounds.

Album Cover Art

1Da Banton &Quot;1Da Shall Never End&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 18, 2024

Looking fly as always, the original vibe machine, in a black-and-white portrait, is draped in a black suit jacket with beautiful drawings of doves in flight designed into its fabric. Also, excellent work was done placing the lighting in a way that makes their reflection appear like giant eyeballs at the top corners of his shades.

Tracks and Features

1da puts us on a memorable cruise with “Omotola,” the first song on the EP. How tasty this song is to the ears makes it difficult to grieve with the singer, who is lamenting an unfortunate relationship with a girl he was into 100%. Sadly, in the end, the girl had been a two-timing, scheming golddigger out for his money. He probably realized when it was too late or was colorblind to the red flags. Another exciting feature of this song is the beat. You still remember how butter goes on bread, right? That was Banton’s vocals over the well-engineered beat of this song. Too smooth.

As a heartbroken man searching for ways to get past being played by a one-time lover, something changes when he comes to a conclusion. His perspective about love gets tweaked as it dawns on him that there is “No Love in Lagos” for real. Quickly, 1da checks in with 255, and buddy concurs with his insane production. Over the lush production, Banton tells us tales of how he had messed up by starting out thinking he could find true love in Lagos. But now that he has seen the light, he has made himself a “shine your eye” preacher. And the way his voice carries the emotions in his lyrics is a talent. It has to be.

Amaka disappointed 2Face and “Nibolowa” is doing even more damage to 1da. It’s one thing to be let down, and it’s another thing to be stood up and left with glowing blue balls. If you know, you know. Banton had agreed to meet with a girl, and in high anticipation for her and the following naughty ride, he fortified himself with every possible substance that could get a man high enough to touch God. Of course, we shouldn’t be dancing to another man’s pain, but 1da doesn’t make it easy. 1da really said, “After God, fear women.”

A smitten Banton promises heaven and earth to his love interest on “Ego.” All he asks for is love and loyalty even when walking through the eye of the He vows to be her human ATM when he’s assured his lover’s complete and unwavering support. Funnily enough, he wouldn’t mind because the money is too much for his bank accounts, so much he has to employ the services of “Ghana-must-go” bags. 1da slides on beats like he studied them before engaging with them.

From wooing a damsel in distress, he sings about the flip side of the life he’d be living with bae if things went according to plan on “Family.” He paints a lovely rags-to-riches picture of a diehard babe who stood by her man from when he struggled to make ends meet till the moment of boom and how they lived happily ever after.

Bringing the project to an end on a “reality check” note with “Call Jehova,” 1da reminds everyone to face their face and level up. It’s all man for himself at the end of the day, so if you have a problem, you will get your solution quicker if you call Jehova instead of Banton. This is such a solid project with an even harder exit.


1 Omotola 2:50
2 No Love in Lagos (feat. 255) 3:14
3 Nibolowa 2:19
4 Ego 2:36
5 Family 2:41
6 Call Jehova 2:39

Album Theme

On this record, Banton relays raw emotions and experiences from a relative standpoint while bringing along all the good vibes.

Production Credits

255, BNGRZ, Pimpzbeat, and Rugged handled the EP’s production.


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