2Baba Expresses Concern Over Losing Annie, His Wife, To Another Man

Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Baba, a Nigerian artist, has spoken out about his concerns and fears over his 13-year marriage to Annie Idibia. The couple’s relationship has been fraught with scandal and drama over the years, and a new video posted by 2baba on his Instagram page has just thrown gasoline to the fire.

On his Instagram page, the artist posted a video that included an emotional voice-over in which he bared his soul about how envious he feels whenever another man gets his wife’s attention in place of him. According to 2Baba, his jealousy isn’t motivated by weakness or insecurity; rather, it comes from his desire to protect other guys from learning about his wife’s exceptional personality and prevent them from stealing her away from him.

The singer continued by expressing his fear of losing her to another man and how important she is to him that he cannot allow it to happen. In the video clip that was posted, Annie was first seen with pals, and then a scene where she gave a white man a warm hug followed.

Since they married, 2baba and Annie’s relationship has piqued the public’s interest. Their path since 2012 has been plagued by ups and downs, which has only heightened popular interest.

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