Annie Idibia Responds To 2Baba’s Remarks About Cheating

The renowned reality television program “Young, Famous & African” recently aired an episode in which Nollywood actress Annie Idibia justified what her husband, 2Baba, said regarding the reasons why men cheat, whether they are in a relationship or married. No matter how much or how much a man loves his wife, 2Baba claimed in a previous episode of the reality TV series presently showing on Netflix that men would ultimately betray because of their bodily cravings.

This statement sparked much discussion on social media, and Annie’s opinions weren’t validated then. However, in the recently broadcast episode, many have heard what Annie said about the statement.

Additionally, Annie claimed that the scandals involving her had grabbed attention because people are drawn to negative stories about her and her spouse. For some time, the actress has talked about her upsetting experience with her family’s recent history of controversies. She admitted that these controversies had severely damaged her, subjecting her to emotional torture and mockery.

The scandals surrounding her husband Innocent Idibia, commonly known as 2Baba, and his alleged contact with his ex-girlfriend Pero Adeniyi have centered upon Annie. As a result of her husband’s alleged adultery and her impression of his family’s lack of support, Annie has repeatedly vented her anger on social media.

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