4batz Inks Deal With Drake’s OVO Sound After Bidding Wars

A newbie is on the block, and he’s soaking up so much attention right now…

Following the release of his single “Act II: Date @ 8” remix featuring Drake, the rising musician 4batz is having an incredible week in the music industry. The artist has also inked a lucrative licensing agreement with Drake’s OVO, as reported by Billboard. This partnership is a significant milestone in the young artist’s career, indicating a powerful collaboration between two industry heavyweights. The deal between 4batz and OVO is tailored for an EP, with the potential for future partnerships and expansions in the works, hinting at even more extraordinary accomplishments for the talented musician.

Several record labels have expressed interest in signing 4batz after the release of his song “Act II: Date @ 8.” Upon its initial release on Vydia, the song garnered significant momentum and attracted the attention of prominent personalities like Drake. Drake has since remixed the song, further boosting its already colossal popularity. As 4batz sets off on this adventure with OVO, his fans are impatiently anticipating the release of his EP and the fascinating partnerships that lie ahead. A strategic alliance was recently announced between OVO and Todd Moscowitz’s Santa Anna Label Group, which operates under the Sony Music umbrella. This alliance will expand OVO’s distribution and marketing channels and increase the reach of its releases, which will include 4batz’s upcoming EP. With this partnership, OVO is taking steps forward.

In a recent interview with Billboard, 4batz also discussed the idea behind his widely popular song “Act II: Date @ 8,” stating that it was written with a female audience in mind. He voiced his displeasure with the pervasive negativity in modern R&B, highlighting the principles of respect and chivalry he had learned as a child toward women. 4batz values sincerity and authenticity, as shown by his sincere expressions and deeply felt lyrics. In addition, 4batz stands out in a field full of gimmicks and superficiality because of his commitment to his principles. He entertains and engages fans deeper by putting sincerity and authenticity into his songs, creating a genuine connection beyond just devotion.


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