6ix9ine Reappears In Cuba Following A Gym Beating

Shortly after receiving a vicious beating at a Florida LA Fitness that sent him to the hospital last week, 6ix9ine has reportedly reappeared in Cuba. The rainbow-haired rapper was spotted in Cuba, and earlier this week, a video of him going up a mountain appeared on social media. The “GUMMO” rapper has moved his skills south to Pinar del Ro, the capital of the same-named province and the tenth-largest city in the nation with a low six-figure population. This is explained in the title of the viral video.

The video footage, which features 6ix9ine speaking Spanish and sporting a straw hat of sorts, was shared by DJ Akademiks. On March 21, a group of guys attacked the Brooklyn rapper (real name Daniel Hernandez) inside a sauna at a LA Fitness in South Florida. Lance Lazzaro, 6ix9ine’s lawyer, claims that although his client attempted to fend off the attackers, he was severely battered and outnumbered before escaping. In addition, the rapper was not accompanied by security at the time.

As gym workers heard the commotion, police, and paramedics were dispatched to the area, and 6ix9ine was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. In a video of the assault shared on Instagram, 6ix9ine is shown lying on the ground with his head shielded as two men stand over him, pound and kick him.

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