Burna Boy Says He Couldn’t Care Less About How He Is Perceived By The Public

The Grammy-winning artist from Nigeria known as Burna Boy, Damini Ogulu, has stated that he will not strive to change how people view him. He claimed that since talking has no immediate effects on his life, he won’t address any misconceptions that his detractors and haters may have about his personality.

When asked whether there is anything that people say about him that he would like to address in an interview, Burna Boy said this. The “Last Last” crooner said that since he doesn’t care what people think of him, they are free to say whatever they want about him.

This comes at the same time when Burna vents about the lack of appreciation he receives despite his monumental global feats.

Backstage at his most recent performance in St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean island, Burna told a group of industry music geeks, including Nigerian-British show promoter Adesegun Adeosun Jnr, aka Smade, and podcaster Adesope aka Shopsydoo, that he is not concerned about not getting enough credit because Jesus didn’t get his credits until after his death.

In a popular video, the “Vanilla” singer expressed his gratitude for people praising him as one of the world’s greatest musicians. And despite the many controversies, Burna’s undeniable talent and brilliant showmanship make him worthy of his flowers.

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