Ajebutter22 On Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio

Nigerian rapper Ajebutter22 recently joined the Apple Music 1 show “Africa Now” hosted by Dadaboy Ehiz to talk about his latest track “Hear My Sound” and new album “Soundtrack To The Good Life.” The album is about enjoying life and having a good time, and Ajebutter22 executive produced it himself. He discussed his passion for working with emerging producers, stating that he went out of his way to find talented producers online, on various digital platforms, who were not well-known but had great potential.

Ajebutter22 mentioned that the album was made during the COVID period when the world was bleak and people were feeling down and depressed. He wanted to make music that would take people’s minds to a place where they could have a good time and not think about the harsh realities of the world. He also talked about his time away from music, stating that although he didn’t feel absent, he withdrew a bit from the music scene to focus on the tech side of things. Ajebutter22 is now the CEO of a company and he stated that it’s not easy to go from being a player on a team to being the captain.

The show “Africa Now” features the hottest new African tracks of the moment, shines a light on the next generation of African superstars and has a segment where the host Dadaboy Ehiz picks his favorite track from one of Apple Music’s African playlists. This week’s featured artist was South African soul singer-songwriter Lwah Ndlukulu from Apple Music’s Africa Rising playlist, and the show will be airing on Friday, January 27th at various times for different time zones.

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