American-German Indie Rockers Seven Purple Tigers Drop Highly Anticipated ‘Daydream Echo Chamber’ EP

Today, German-American indie rockers Seven Purple Tigers are excited to release their Daydream Echo Chamber EP, available now whenever music is streamed or sold. The EP comes hot on the heels of singles “Clarity” and “Smoke Communiqué”.

Daydream Echo Chamber is exactly what Seven Purple Tigers have been doing for over half a decade. Band members Austin and Phil spend nearly every waking moment together, having shared a flat for the 5 years the band has been based in Germany.
The two of them have created a unitary universe for themselves that they alone have inhabited for the past seven years. This world is home to the band as well as its art. In both this EP and the band’s previous work, the band’s themes and lyrics are based on conversations they’ve had with one another, in terms of how they addressed the topic in question among themselves.

American-German Indie Rockers Seven Purple Tigers Drop Highly Anticipated 'Daydream Echo Chamber' Ep, Yours Truly, News, February 22, 2024

Daydream Echo Chamber Track Listing:

1. Clarity
2. Time for Me
3. Dangerous Kicks
4. Smoke Communiqué
5. Tantalus

Daydream Echo Chamber’s songs weren’t chosen with any specific theme or concept in mind, but they shared a number of common themes that made them cohere better. Many of the tracks, including “Time for Me”, reflect the passage of time and growing older, watching things change or become irreversible, and experiencing what permanence and finality are really about. Among them is the escapism fantasy genre (and its pitfalls), primarily exemplified by “Dangerous Kicks”. “Tantalus” and “Clarity” deal with personal issues and truths, and deciding how to face them, for better or for worse. “Smoke Communiqué”, the latest single from the EP, may seem out of character for its outward focus rather than its introspective nature, but it still fits the EP’s broader concept.

Listening to Seven Purple Tigers songs is like seeing the world through the eyes of Philip Dyszy and Austin Horn. It’s like stepping into their daydream echo chamber. The self-awareness of this fact has simply become more evident in the last two years of the pandemic, where social isolation oftentimes left there being only themselves to talk to, and Seven Purple Tigers had a massive creative output in those two years that is now becoming apparent to the public.

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, “Dangerous Kicks”, “Time For Me”, and “Tantalus” were all written. A rather dysfunctional old German inn’s former restaurant and kitchen became the group’s self-made studio and practice space. Seven Purple Tigers spent pretty much every day of the first major quarantine periods in there, and those sessions also produced all of their 2021 singles and a whole load of other material that they have yet to record and release.


“Clarity” was started during the 2020 lockdown sessions, but the group lost interest and forgot about it until they randomly stumbled across it in 2022 while searching for tracks for this EP. A newly written vocal riff set their creative fires ablaze and they turned it into a full song and demoed it in a whirlwind 15 hour session. While it was the last track added to the EP, it immediately became the lead single.

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