Asake Marks His 29th Birthday With A Surprising New Single, “Only Me”

Nigerian music icon, Asake, had planned a birthday surprise for both himself and the fans.

The Neo-fuji star released the catchy new song “Only Me,” in which he finds himself in a state of self-acceptance where he is comfortable and doesn’t need to compare himself to others. Essentially, it functions as a particular release for the vocalist, with an added layer of significance.

He also wrote a sincere message to his followers on Instagram, thanking them for supporting him on his journey thus far and for the challenges that lie ahead. Asake shared a picture of himself standing next to a battered bicycle with a flat tire as a metaphor for the challenges encountered on the tenacious path of life.

Asake was nominated for a Grammy just a few weeks ago for his song “Amapiano.” It is vying for Best African Music Performance in the Grammy Awards, which take place the next month. In addition, the original version of his viral hit, “Lonely At The Top,” which was later remixed with H.E.R., was the longest-running No. 1 song in Nigeria.

Also, on Billboard’s World Albums Chart, his album Work Of Art also reached its highest position at No. 4. Like those aren’t enough, the singer sold out London’s O2 Arena and NYC’s Barclays Center during his two major performances in 2023, becoming the first African musician to both headline and sell out the latter venue.

In the meantime, listen to “Only Me” below:

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