Ajebo Hustlers – Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment Album Review

Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment

Artist: Ajebo Hustlers
Genres: Worldwide
Release Date: 5/3/2024
Track Count: 10
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Avante Entertainment, with exclusive license to ONErpm

Ajebo Hustlers - Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 13, 2024
Style Rave

Nigerian music duo Ajebo Hustlers have finally released their much-anticipated album, “Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment.” This album continues their Bad Boy Etiquette series, first introduced two years ago. The album showcases the duo’s distinct fusion of afrobeat and highlife music, delivered with their signature style and energy. The album contains ten tracks, including collaborations with famous artists like ODUMODUBLVCK, Sarkodie, King Promise, Jeriq, Magixx, and Blaqbonez. The album was first teased with an animated video, creating a buzz among fans. With its exciting tracklist and star-studded collaborations, the album promises to be a good listen for the fans.

Album Art


Ajebo Hustlers - Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 13, 2024

The dynamic duo exudes a captivating sense of confidence on their latest album cover. The album art features the duo in a setting that aligns with the “learning” or “reading” theme of the artwork from the first edition. They are pictured in front of a library backdrop, with open books in front of them. This image is a testament to their dedication and hard work as they tirelessly “study and prepare” themselves for the challenges. The duo’s commitment to excellence is further highlighted by their reference to “continuous assessments,” suggesting that they always strive to improve their craft. The image and message conveyed by the album art are ones of inspiration and determination, encouraging fans to pursue their passions with the same level of dedication and focus.

Tracks And Features

The album opens with “Dreams II,” a high-energy track featuring Zlatan and Blaqbonez that follows up on their previous collaboration. The duo’s flow and rhythm are on full display, and they effortlessly pick up where they left off in the first edition of the Bad Boy Etiquette project. The song inspires listeners to pursue their dreams and challenges them to ask themselves, “How bad do you want it?”

“Last week” is the next track, featuring Jeriq. The song has a mellow vibe and focuses on the dangers of smoking, with the lyrics urging listeners to make the right choices. The background vocals are a standout feature, adding depth to the track’s overall sound.

“You Go Know” is a bold and empowering track that showcases the duo’s versatility, resilience, and determination. The song challenges rumours and gossip and tells detractors they’re on guard. The background saxophone adds a layer of complexity to the track, making it stand out.

“Wicked” is a song that criticizes the manipulative behaviour of some women towards men. The duo expresses their frustration with the treatment they received from an imaginary woman and declares their intention to move on. The lyrics are relatable and well-delivered, making the track a fan favourite.

Odumodublvck is featured on “Celine Dion,” a playful and light-hearted track about an imaginary lover who isn’t entirely faithful. Combining the two artists doesn’t always work in some places, but thankfully, the catchy beat and clever lyrics make it a fun listen.

“Undecided” is a standout track that features Raebel in the chorus. The song criticizes women who prioritize money over their relationships and highlights the negative impact of such behaviour. The lyrics are well-written, and the chorus is incredibly catchy, making it one of the album’s highlights.

“Kisses II” features Magixx and is a song about a couple dealing with infidelity. The track is well-executed, with both artists delivering solid performances that highlight the emotional complexity of the situation.

“Sweet and Sour” features King Promise and highlights the duo’s warning to their lover, whom they claim gives them a jaga jaga (complicated) love. Despite this, they admit they’re really in love and hope their lover will change. The track is well-produced, with each artist delivering strong vocals that complement each other perfectly.

“No Wam” is a powerful track that calls out infidelity in all its forms. The lyrics are well-written, and the duo delivers strong performances, highlighting the emotional consequences of infidelity in relationships. Sarkodie is featured on the album’s final track, “Burn My Cable,” which is also a remix. The song is a perfect ending to the album, with highlife elements on a grime beat that makes for a great combination. Sarkodie delivers a standout verse showcasing his impressive rapper skills, making it a highlight of the album.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Dreams II (feat. Zlatan & Blaqbonez) Ajebo Hustlers 3:57 Released
2 Last Week Ajebo Hustlers & Jeriq 3:55 Released
3 You Go Know Ajebo Hustlers 2:22 Released
4 Wicked Ajebo Hustlers 3:30 Released
5 Celine Dion (feat. ODUMODUBLVCK) Ajebo Hustlers 3:09 Released
6 Undecided Ajebo Hustlers & Raebel 2:36 Released
7 Kisses II Ajebo Hustlers & Magixx 3:07 Released
8 Sweet & Sour Ajebo Hustlers & King Promise 3:16 Released
9 No Wam Ajebo Hustlers 3:03 Released
10 Burn My Cable II Ajebo Hustlers & Sarkodie 2:51 Released


Album Summary

The second part of the project series picks up right where the first one left off, with a few of the tracks remixed to offer a fresh take on the original versions. The remixes add a new dimension to the tracks while still maintaining the overall theme and mood of the album. Throughout the album, the underlying theme is a powerful call out of infidelity in all its forms. The lyrics explore the devastating pain and far-reaching consequences of betrayal while emphasizing the importance of trust, honesty, and respect in relationships. The songs are raw and honest, delving deep into the emotions and experiences of heartbreak and loss.

The tracks are infused with a deep sense of self-assurance, self-love, and determination to succeed. The lyrics encourage listeners to remain steadfast in their pursuit of happiness and fulfilment, even in adversity. The album expresses human emotions and experiences, delivered through soulful vocals and captivating melodies. The album takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and calls out infidelities. The songs are emotionally powerful and musically diverse, showcasing the artist’s range and versatility.

Many fans say this album is a good listen for anyone who has experienced the pain of betrayal or is looking for inspiration to overcome life’s challenges. It is a genuine and heartfelt expression of human emotions and experiences, delivered with authenticity and sincerity.

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